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Aunt Fern

Mar 30, 2011 in Family

On March 2nd, my aunt Fern took a turn for the worse. My dad with other family made the call to put her on hospice care and stop the dialysis treatments. That Saturday my grandmother and aunt Shari made it up from AZ to say their goodbyes and make final arrangements. Fern actually came too a bit when they got there and they were able to talk.

However, it is very difficult to carry on conversation with the dying. What do you say?

-How are you?

- Oh, ya know, still dying.

Etc. However, my aunt Shari thought up a good one. She asked ‘are you dreaming?’ Fern said yes, so Shari asked what she was dreaming about and Fern replied ‘the future’. Shari asked if she was scared and fern said ‘no’. What an excellent question! Dreams are always new, so you can actually ask about them daily if you want, and it will never get old. I thought it was great.

The following Tuesday, Fern passed away. It was sad, yet sweet. Grandma and Shari were there and said she went peacefully. It’s sad to see someone go, but it’s also a relief in this case. Fern was 84, horribly ill, and about 75lbs when she passed. She had little to no quality of life for the past several months and she was, of course, never going to get better. It was her time to go.

The funeral was the following weekend, which was done very well. Fern had all her arrangements made ahead of time and even requested that the burial be before the funeral, which is different. Because of that, only the 6 of us where there for the burial and it was very short. I enjoyed the reception after the funeral because I got to catch up with family and church friends that I don’t get to see very often. It seems that funerals always end happy because it becomes a great get-together. Eventually there is laughter and I think everyone leaves feeling better than when they came in.