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Daily Dose of Happiness

Jun 24, 2012 in Happiness

I have been posting Daily Doses of Happiness for just over a month now. I thought I’d write a little something on why.

I feel finding happiness in daily life is important. In fact, it is my opinion that the purpose of life is simply to be happy and make others happy. With the stresses and anxiety’s of life I often find it a hard thing to do. Over the past year, several stresses in my life caused me to become a very angry person, and I finally got tired of it. So I vowed to myself to find something happy in each and every day. No matter how tired, stressed or angry I am, there must be something that can make me smile. So now I find those moments. I try not to seek them or force them, but just recognize them when they appear. When I’m having a bad day I realize that I need to take a moment to let happiness in. It’s very challenging some days, but when I take that moment and happiness finds me, that bad day ends up not being that bad after all. Part of my goal to recognize happiness also includes the rule that my happiness must come from a real experience. Funny web posts don’t count. It must be real observation or interaction. I like funny or wholesome things I find on the internet, but it isn’t ‘real’ to me.

Every happy moment I’ve posted about actually brought a smile to my face. I find it is not enough to just stop and smell the roses. One must stop, smell the roses, and then take a moment to realize just how amazing that rose really is. Then one can’t help but smile.

Recently people told me how much they like my daily posts and that was a great relief for me actually. I thought people might be annoyed by it or find it pompous of me (and some still might). Please don’t let it be just about me. I invite everyone to comment on my posts or share your own daily happiness’.