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No ‘Poo

Jun 03, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes you read that right. But No ‘Poo stands for no Shampoo. I haven’t used shampoo since the beginning of March. Well that’s not entirely true, but I’ll get to that.

I went no ‘poo in effort to control or get rid of my dermatitis on my scalp, plus I read about all the nasty crap that’s in shampoo and figured, if others can go no ‘poo, I might as well try it.

The No ‘Poo Method: Mix 1-2 tsp of baking soda in 1 cup water and use as shampoo. It won’t suds up and can be hard to use at first, but I use a one cup squirt bottle that seems to do the trick. Rub it in to the scalp and hair (just the hair closest to the roots) let it sit for a minute or two, and rinse well. For conditioner I use 1-2 tsp vinegar in 1 cup water and use about a 1/4 cup total, mostly on my ends. Let sit for a minute or two and rinse. I have used regular conditioner on occasion when my hair seems really dry, but overall, the system works pretty well. I’ve had some challenges though.

The first 2 weeks went ok. Then I went to my hair stylist and I really love the scalp massage she gives, so I let her use shampoo. Then I was out of the town the next weekend, and used shampoo, because I didn’t know how to travel with my new system yet.  Then for a month or more I continued the no ‘poo regimen, but my dermatitis got worse and my hair turned gross. I had read that it takes about 3 weeks for the hair and scalp to get used to it and that week 3 was generally the worst for everyone. I have to agree with that. However – Week 4 was AMAZING! that was the nicest hair I’ve every had. But the dermatitis kept getting worse until I couldn’t take it anymore and used an oil treatment on my scalp. That helped calm the scalp, but I couldn’t get the oil out of my hair for over a week using only my no ‘poo method, so I had to resort to shampoo. That got the oil out, but it also seems to have restarted my no ‘poo countdown. I’m approaching week 3 again, and my hair is getting gross again…. Here’s hoping week 4 comes along and does its thing again. The dermatitis is still manageable though, so perhaps the oil treatment was the trick.

Amazingly, I don’t miss the suds. It can be hard for others to get pass, but it doesn’t bother me. Its been a challenge to find the right mix for me, but I continue to pursue it knowing I’m using a more natural and healthy alternative.

Gaelic Storm

Mar 01, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Feb 24th my lovely parents-in-law took us to a Gaelic Storm Concert. They had been there before and thought we’d enjoy it and we did! They are a great Irish ‘rock’ band. Not sure how to describe them actually. They did a lot of drinking songs that make you want to get on your feet and stomp and jump around. Most of the audience did actually. I didn’t, I was exhausted from work and life in general. Felt a little bad for the fam, I appeared to not enjoy it, but I really did. I would definitely see them again, though the $50 ticket price scares me bit. They are really good entertainers and really awesome with a variety of instruments. There was a screaming violinist. The drummer played bongo type drums with his hands, and even a wood box (amazingly awesome). The main singer also played accordion and had an awesome thick Irish accent and voice. The guitarist played an acoustic guitar with pickup (the violin was also acoustic instead of electric) and he also played an electric bass on occasion and sang a few songs. Then the other guy played everything else – some small percussion, uilleann bag pipes, great highland bagpipes and a tin whistle flute thingy. There was a lot of audience involvement in the songs. They drank beer the whole time on stage (Guinness of course) and some audience people even bought them rounds of whiskey! They had an after party at a bar near by which would have been fun, but it was a school night, so we went home.

Great musicians and a very fun concert.


Feb 06, 2011 in Art, Uncategorized

I recently was enticed to become a member of the Minneapolis Art Institute (amazing art museum) and in doing so, received a free ticket to their new Titian exhibit, opening party which was a masquerade party where masks were encouraged.  The art was to be a little risqué so we thought of our dear friends Joe and Julia who practically live next door to the MIA and invited them to join us.  I used my new fancy membership to get a large discount on the remaining tickets.

The party was blast! They had big lights and chain curtains everywhere. There was a DJ thumping music and hired dancers scattered throughout the area, and of course, overpriced mini bars every 20 feet.

Masks were strongly encouraged so I made masks for Mike and I by printing famous artwork onto silk and then gluing them to masks from a hobby store. Freaking awesome!!

Lots of people were dressed up. I’m pretty sure a number of people pulled out their old prom and/or bridesmaid dresses.  Some people were even in period costumes.  Lots of people had masks.  Some were simple purchased ones, some were lame homemade ones and some were insanely elaborate.

Much fun was had by all. I will definitely be attending more events like that!

Oh yeah – the art was awesome too :)


Nov 02, 2010 in Uncategorized

Not the most exciting topic, but I wish to discuss it given that two family members have very recently passed and two more are in their final weeks/months.

2 weeks ago our family friend Merlin passed away. He was 93, and quite frankly, had been praying for death to relieve him of pain and illness, so it was actually somewhat of a relief.  The funeral was held in Sioux Falls and I did not attend because it happened to be while I was on vacation. The only reason I wanted to go, was to be there for his son Dean and for my great-aunt Fern, his best friend. Personally, I am able to say goodbye to him without attending the funeral. Not to mention, there was no body to view and say goodbye to as he was cremated.

Yesterday my great-uncle Al passed away. He was 84 and in immense pain and suffering due to a cancer and large tumor in is neck/throat. He was also very ready to go, and most likely excited to go so he could meet his god, whom he worshiped very deeply. Everyone knew it was coming, and everyone got to say goodbye while he was still alive and able to understand. The funeral will probably be this weekend in Jamestown, ND. Here again, I don’t feel the need to say goodbye at a funeral. I already got to say my goodbye while he was alive. I am at peace with his passing.

Here’s my dilemma – the funeral is a 5 hour drive for me, plus I would need to get a hotel room. Mike will be spending the weekend hunting with his family, so I would go alone. Do I ‘owe’ it to the rest of my family to be there? It would be nice to see everyone, but it’s for sad circumstances. Though, I do believe the family would be able to celebrate his life more than mourn his death. It would be a great inconvenience for me, to attend something that has little bennefit to me. I know that sounds selfish, but I greatly dislike funerals. Funerals are for the living to say goodbye. The dead do not benefit. It is easier for me to  just know that they have passed. I don’t feel the need to experience the funeral.



Oct 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have recently been a bit obsessed with anything and everything Hawai’ian. I listen to Hawaiian music all day at work. I picked up a book to learn the Hawai’ian language and am planning a massive Hawai’ian Luau bash for late January.

To prepare for the Luau, I have been reading up on traditional luaus and have been planning everything from the food to the decorations, to games and soooooooo very much more. It may seem too early to be planning so much, but I think I’ll be able to fill the next 3 months with prep and still be scrambling in the end.  So much fun!

Hang Loose!


Oct 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wondering if I should just ditch the randomnes page and just create a lot of short strange posts instead.



Aug 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

My great-aunt is 83 years old.  Still alive, but not exactly ‘living’.

She used to be important and highly successful in her career in a law firm.  She always stayed busy with church and clubs.  She always wore fine clothes and filled her house with fine wares.  She  strove to make herself and her home look posh.

She was widowed twice and buried her only son.  She’s been alone as long as I’ve known her. Her immediate family is small with a sister that lives across the country.  Only her nephew lives near by.

After a heart attack and kidney failure she can no longer take care of herself.  She now shares a 150 sf room in a nursing home.  She needs help to get dressed and use the bathroom.  Her mind and memory is slipping.  Her new ‘home’ consists of a bed, dresser and tv with only a curtain separating her from her roommate, who is also old, feeble and losing mental capacity.  She’ll never recover.  We all just wait.

Her closest friend is 93. He just had a heart attack which we all thought meant the end. He said all his last good byes, only to be surprised with renewed life. ‘A miracle’ as his son puts it. But he’s 93 and racked with so many health problems and so much pain that he’s just waiting for it to all be over.

He’s been lucky in life with wealth and intelligence.  But his wife passed away many years ago and his son still lives at home.

His son is 66. He has moderate mental retardation and is unable to care for himself without assistance.

He has always been encouraged to be independent, to try, do and learn new things.  He loves to help people.  He’d never hurt a fly.  If it came down to it, he would starve to death before asking for help, so as not to inconvenience anyone.  He’s active in the church where he is in clubs to help him grow amidst his challenged abilities and where he’s made many friends.

His fathers closest friend talks down to him, makes him feel inferior, doesn’t let him talk, and secretly wishes she never had to deal with him.  His closest family is his dad, who he’s lived with all his life, and loves more than anything in the world.  He doesn’t have any siblings.  He has aunts, uncles and cousins, but they all live many states away.  Though his father survived the heart attack, he will not be long in this world.  His dad is the only constant in all 66 years of his life.  How will he cope when his dad is gone? Where will he go? How will he live?

first ‘real’ blog

Feb 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

ok, now for my first ‘real’ blog…

the house smells of boiling beer. mmmm….. yummy…. this is the 3rd batch of beer we’ve made so far. batch 1 was ok but has plenty of room for improvement. batch 2 looks and smells great, but we still have at least a week until its ready for tasting. batch 3 reminds me  a lot of batch 2. can’t wait to try them all!

i made my first burlap chalk bag from the Peace Coffee bags today and it friggin kicks ass! it’s some hard stuff to work with, but i told it who’s boss! as soon as i can get the spousal unit to take pics of it, i’ll see about uploading some. i also just finished a kick ass bag for a friend of mine out of an old pair of his jeans. it’s great.

i’m still don’t know exactly what i care to post on here. there are things i could say, but its so public, i’m not sure if i want to share it with the world….

while setting up this blog, i found that all my ‘blogroll’ peeps end in johnson except one. i’m tempted to just change her name to johnson, just because… hmmm…