Daily Dose of Happiness

I will attempt to log a dose of happiness each day. I believe the simple things in life can be the happiest, most beautiful, touching, or just plain awesome. Well, here goes:

05/19/12 – Fitting into my skinny summer clothes

05/20/12 – Spending quality time with a good friend

05/21/12 – The weather (this was an otherwise challenging day)

05/22/12 – Spotting a Great Blue Heron on my drive into work

05/23/12 – Finally making it into yoga this morning

05/24/12 – A down pour of rain. It fell with such intensity that it looked as if the ground was vibrating. The awesome power of nature.

05/25/12 – The refreshing smell of a beautiful spring morning.

05/26/12 – Both of my kitties fitting into a kitty bed together that barely fits one of them.

05/27/12 – Running around the yard at the cabin with my brother and his 3 year old daughter.

05/28/12 – Driving through the forests of central MN

05/29/12 – Bright Fuchsia flowers that just bloomed on the bushes at work.

05/30/12 – Getting to see Mike between his two jobs

05/31/12 – Getting my hands dirty at work. I typically sit at a desk all day, so it was nice to get up and do some physical labor.

06/01/12 – Spent the day traveling across the WI with friends on a massive brewery tour of the state.

06/02/12 – So many! The beer and cheese tasting event at Sprecher and afterwords, laying in the grass staring at the treetops swaying in the wind.

06/03/12 – Watching the Milwaukee Art Museum spread its wings.

06/04/12 – I cooked fish for the first time, and did a pretty darn good job at it!

06/05/12 – I had a professional massage. It hurt so good

06/06/12 – Normally when my morning alarm goes off, it is not a happy time. But today it was because at that moment I realized I actually got a good nights sleep. It’s been a while.

06/07 /12- On my drive home the clouds ripped open and beams of light poured down over the entire city of Minneapolis. Truly a sight to behold.

06/08/12 – Stay at home date night with the hubby.

06/09/12 – Stay at home date night with the hubby – again!

06/10/12 – Watching 2 mourning doves sit on the cable line outside my window preening each other

06/11/12 – Today was tough so I made my own happiness by brewing a sweet cup of orange tea. Yum!

06/12/12 – Learning to kayak. and also overcoming my fear of being upside down while stuck in the kayak. Though I still have half the lake sloshing around in my head…

06/13/12 – Silence. I was the only one home, there was no radio, no tv, just silence. And a sat and colored

06/14/12 – Watched a bird take a bath in a pond. So cute! Also the sunset bathed the town in a purple hue. I swear the air itself was purple.

06/15/12 – Noticing how full my hydrangea bush is going to be this year. It’s not yet fully bloomed, but hardly has room for all the flowers as it is now.

06/16/12 – Stayed up late playing cards with Mike

06/17/12- Finally went climbing again! Went to the Minneapolis VE for the first time and didn’t do as bad as I thought I would. Must make this a habit again.

06/18/12 – Went through old junk and threw most of it away. The house feels lighter already.

06/19/12 - Went through my box of wedding invites/programs, funeral programs, creative and handmade birthday and Christmas cards

06/20/12 – Watching the birds. On the drive in to work I saw a great blue heron flying. On the way home I saw two great blue herons that seemed to be flying for fun and also saw a giant hawk or falcon sitting on a fence. I love birds

06/21/12 – Playing a very long game of Uno with my hubby

06/22/12 – Spending the evening with good friends and good beer.

06/23/12 – The amazing trumpet soloist in the Osseo Marching Band Festival

06/24/12 – Getting completely consumed by my sewing project. I completely lost track of the time.

06/25/12 – Finding a new doc that might actually help. And her office was amazing both architecturally and with art everywhere.

06/26/12 – Overcoming the grumpies. I came home from work very grumpy and wanted to abandon my evening plans, stay home, have a drink and be grumpy. But instead I went out as planned and ended up being very happy!

06/27/12 – I became super motivated at work (for some unknown reason), so much so, that I actually stayed late to work on things. Weird

06/28/12 – Realized that Mike and I have been an item for 10 years, this week. Time flies when you’re having fun!!

06/29/12 – Nothing stood out today… Guess my daily dose of happiness is just that it was an all around good day.

06/30/12 – Sharing a bottle of champagne with my hubby in honor of our being together for 10 years.

07/01/12 – I HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT!

07/02/12 – Enjoyed fabulous beverages with fabulous friends

07/03/12 – So many happinesses! Had a very fun filled evening with friends and wonderful creative cocktail, I received soooo many compliments on my dress and weight loss, but the biggest highlight of the evening was probably Julia swooning over my “silky buttery” legs  :)

07/04/12 – Again there were many, but I’m going to go with my late night walk with Mikey. We ended up at the local park and played on the playground in the dark. Love it.

07/05/12 – The AC is working!!!

07/06/12 – Getting to see and spend time with my friend Jess. It’s been years!

07/07/12 – Spending the day with my parents and going to a local winery

07/08/12 – Getting huge amounts of the most wonderful cuddly love from my Mocha kitty

07/09/12 – I forgot!! It was something small though….

07/10/12 – Shopping at the local thrift store. LOVE thrift stores.

07/11/12 – Sharing beer and playing cards with my honey bunny on our anniversary. Work got in the way of celebration, so we’ll postpone to Friday.

07/12/12 – Went to bed early. I was super tired, it was so nice to give in to it, even though it was only 9:00

07/13/12 – Anniversary date night! Dinner out and wine and a movie at home!

07/14/12 – Spending the evening at Patrick and Janet’s house in celebration of Kate’s birthday! Love you Kate!

07/15/12 – Being a part of a play/dramatic reading in support of same-sex marriage – at a church. It was amazing to see an entire church so passionate about equal rights for same-sex couples. I’ll post more on this soon.

07/16/12 – Surprising Mike with a special and rare beer, and the fact that I was able to find it and guess that it might be something special. It makes me happy to make others happy. I should write something on that too…

7/17/12 – I forgot!!

07/18/12 – Ruination, 10th Anniversary by Stone :-) Yum!

07/19/12 – Camping with Friends!

07/20/12 – First day Kayaking on the big water. Had 2 feet waves which the thought of scared me, but they turned out to be super fun!

07/21/12 – So many things! I think the top two are seeing two bald eagles either courting or fighting in the air above me and hunting for agates

07/22/12 – Returning home from a long fun weekend of kayaking and camping. It was great, but being home again is equally as nice.

07/23/12 – Even though it was hot and sticky outside, I still enjoyed doing a little manual labor around the yard. I didn’t do much, but it was still nice to do.

07/24/12 – Had a sense of accomplishment in everything I did today.

07/25/12 – I was quite productive today. Several things were crossed off my todo list. It always feels good to get stuff done.

07/26/12 – Came up with a powerful idea for a book. Will see if I actually write it though…

07/27/12 – My happiness today is that everything was happy and I couldn’t find anything in my day that was unhappy.

07/28/12 – Painting a room. It was tedious work, but I love painting.

07/29/12 – Cleaned the garage and breezeway! It’s so nice to have room to move and be able to find things!

07/30/12 – Enjoyed a yummy wine from SD and some fancy cheese and watched the Olympics with my hubby.

07/31/12 – Got a professional massage. Love!

08/01/12 – Crap, I’m getting bad at this, I can’t remember!!

08/02/12 – Brought to light some issues at work. While doing so was not fun, that fact that it was finally done was a relief

08/03/12- Saw a fox eating something on the hill to the side of the road. The little copper dog against the bright green grass was really cool.

08/04/12 – PARTY!!!! I through myself an amazing birthday party. Much fun was had by all

08/05/12 – Spent the entire day being lazy. It was great.

08/06/12 – Saw a hawk preening itself and it was so contorted that it looked like his entire head was missing. Very strange.

08/07/12 – Working with the torch again. I attempted to make a few glass beads. Not all great, but nice to work at it again.

08/08/12 – Got a ton of new music from a co-worker. I love music!!

08/09/12 -  I cleaned my art room and then just laid in the middle of it surrounded by art and art making supplies. I love art. Oh, and I attempted to do a pencil drawing again. It didn’t turn out, but I haven’t touched those things in years, so it was nice to try again.

08/10/12 -  Hanging at the Town Hall Brewery for Jason’s birthday

08/11/12- Well, it was my birthday, so most things were happy. I actually took out my violin and played it. It’s been well over a years since I’ve done that, so that was nice. I did a little bit of art, but not much and then my parents took us out to dinner. And we came home and celebrated with Champagne! All around, it was a very nice day!

08/12/12 – I thoroughly enjoyed having the windows open all day. While it was cooler than I like for August, it was nice to have fresh air in the house again.

08/13/12 – I re-potted my plants. There’s something meditative about it.

08/14/12 – I was laying on th ground doing my physical therapy and ended up with a cat cradled in each arm. So cute!

08/15/12 – While driving in to work I saw lightening strike from unsuspecting skies. Then I drove around the bend and saw a rainbow. All of this and there wasn’t even any rain!

08/16/12 – While hanging out at the in-laws back yard I got lost staring at the trees. Especially the crooked one. It seemed to be in a constant curtsy to the sun. Somewhat poetic.

08/17/12 – Blasting the musical Les Miserbles and singing a long until my voice was raw.

08/18/12 -  New hair style!! Nothing drastic, but I love the change.

08/19/12 -  After a long and trying day I finally got to sit and enjoy a movie and fine beer with my hubby.

08/20/12- Went out for sushi and sake with my hubby!

08/21/12 - I enjoyed a fabulous meal prepared by Mike and a lovely old bottle of wine.

08/22/12 – Sitting outside under an awning at work watching the rain

08/23/12 - I was in a terrible mood all day even though I was surrounded by beauty and happy people. Finally at the end of the day on the way back from dining out, I smiled. For no known reason, I just smiled.

08/24/12 – Today deserves two doses of happy. 1) Sitting in the hammock, reading a book while overlooking the lake. 2) Spent the evening under the stars in perfect weather, trampled by turtles playing on a pro sound system, and in the company of awesome people. Perfect

08/25/12 – Again this day gets 2 happy’s. 1) Watched several baby turtles make their way from the nest to the lake. 2) Dan and Amanda’s wedding. It was perfect!

08/26/12 – Being home after a long drive from a long weekend of camping. The weekend was amazing, but it was great to be home again and have a real shower.

08/27/12 – Spending the evening with two awesome friends

08/28/12 – Best Ever!! Dad’s Cancer appears to be gone!!!

08/29/12 – Southern Tier Mokah – yum!

08/30/12 – Went to bed early and I slept well

08/31/12 – Reading a book outside while eating lunch. I must do that more before the snow flies.

09/01/12 – Enjoyed a fun evening with the in-laws at the cabin

09/02/12 – Spent the day outside at the cabin. I don’t spend near enough time outside

09/03/12 – Took an afternoon nap and woke up refreshed.

09/04/12 - I finally got to see the new Doctor Who! I know I said I wouldn’t make my Daily Doses of Happiness about TV, movies or anything found on the internet, but they’re my rules so I can break them.

09/05/12 – Happy Hour with a co-worker

09/06/12 – Seeing the Rembrandt exhibit at the MIA with friends. Daily dose of awesome- Julia :)

09/07/12- Farewell Milwaukee concert

09/08/12 – Osseo  Lion’s Roar! It wasn’t as great as years past, but its still fun to see the whole town come out and celebrate.

09/09/12 - 2 hours at goodwill got me 7 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, a belt, a book and some dishes, all for $42. That is less than half of the original cost of just one of the pairs of pants I got. Win!

09/10/12 – Watching the sun rise on my drive in to work.

09/11/12 – Had a massage and managed to clear my head of all distracting thoughts. It was a very brief moment, but it was wonderful to clear my mind and enjoy the moment.

09/12/12 – The sunset! One corner of the sky was purple, and one corner was orange. awesome.

09/13/12 – Bunches of Happinesses – new bright green halloween socks, Lips of Faith series Cocoa Mole, and crafts! all in one night! wee!!

09/14/12 – Crafts!!

09/15/12 – Autumn Brew Review. So fun to try tons of beer. (though I got completely smashed)

09/16/12 – Spent a lazy day at home

09/17/12- I was lazy again… it was nice.

09/18/12 – I cleaned my house! well the process of cleaning wasn’t fun, but the result was great!

09/19/12 – So many happinesses: I woke up happy. There were 4 new flowers on the hibiscus at work. I stayed happy all day. I went to happy hour! All Happy!

09/20/12 – The neighbors cat – she crosses the street every morning and sits under the neighbors pine trees that happen to house lots and lots of birds. She just sits there and stares up at the tree, waiting. When I drive by she glares at me like she’s telling me “My Birds! You stay away!” So cute.

09/21/12 – After not seeing Mike for 2 days, I finally got to spend a nice quite evening with him. Wine, cheese and a movie.

09/22/12 – Lots of Happy!! Went shopping at vintage and thrift stores with the beautiful Ms. Janet! Then went to a small party where I got to see two amazing friends that moved to opposite ends of the continent. And several people there told me how much they love my Daily Doses of Happy. Thanks guys!

09/23/12 – After much neglect, I finally mowed and cleaned up my yard. It looks halfway respectable now!

09/24/12 – Enjoyed a nice evening of bourbon cocktails with Lee and Dawn! I’m not a fan of bourbon unless Lee is making the cocktail :)

09/25/12 – I’ll go with two for today. #1. The CEO sent out an email with the link for the new intranet site, but when clicking on it, everyone was sent to a porn site! #2. I spent the evening at home in quiet and read a book. It’s been a while since I sat down and read.

09/26/12 – Nothing major stood out. I had far too much coffee and was quite giddy all day. Even skipped through the office a bit… (no one was looking)

09/27/12 – Saw the worlds most beautiful Avanti on my drive home from work.

09/28/12 – Enjoyed a peaceful night at home with my hubby.

09/29/12 – Spending the day at the Among the Wild Fundraiser. Its exciting to see all the support and enthusiasm. Oh, and the Maybes were Great!

09/30/12 – Spent the day at the Renaissance Festival with Mike and enjoyed fun people watching and of course, mead!

10/01/12 – While having a tough time dealing with recent news, I looked out of the window and saw a bald eagle circling above. If there are such things as ‘signs’ that would be one.

10/02/12 – Had another massage. I love them so much! and apparently really need them.

10/03/12 – The fall colors are beautiful in my neighborhood right now!!

10/04/12 – I finished my book

10/05/12 – The boss bought me lunch! And we had some really good conversation.

10/06/12 - I unraveled a rose blossom. It had barely opened but was already starting to die and I opened it, one petal at a time. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the center of a (typical) rose before. The very last petal was tightly curled around the innards as if it was protecting them with its life, but I pried it off and was actually surprised at how many filaments and stigmas there were. Such a simple beauty. That and re-potting my orchid. What an amazing plant!

10/07/12 – I put my neck/back out (bad) but my hubby took care of me and gave me a massage and took care of the rest of the cleaning. Woo hoo!

10/08/12 – A Gorgeous Sun Rise!!

10/09/12 – I didn’t take the time to let any one thing stand out. But I had a nice quiet evening at home, which is something I always enjoy

10/10/12 – Happy hour at the Zombie Den with Nick. So many laughs!

10/11/12 – The whole day was happy! But mostly I enjoyed thinking about the awesomeness of everyone in my life :)

10/12/12 – Mike and I went on an amazing Booze Cruise! Tons of free fall beers aboard a beautiful yacht.

10/13/12 – Went to a beautiful wedding with some of my favorite people.

10/14/12 – Enjoyed some crafty time working on my Halloween costume.

10/15/12 – Had more energy and motivation to actually work and complete things

10/16/12 – I played in a bead store! Finally sparked some creative ideas for jewelry.

10/17/12 – The sunrise. So brilliant this morning, but changing so quickly that each awesome moment of color is brief before changing into the next blaze of color, and just as quickly it faded away…

10/18/12 – Went to a huge bead store and was surrounding by thousands of little glimmering beauties! Love it

10/19/12 – While on a long drive, the rain clouds opened for a brief moment, illuminated the wet changing leaves of the trees and they shimmered like gold.

10/20/12 – Went to my cousin’s wedding and got to see family I haven’t seen in years.

10/21/12 – Went out to a surprise birthday sushi dinner for and with awesome friends!

10/22/12 – Making Jewelry while watching Blazing Saddles for the 157th time (Ok, I don’t actually know how many times I’ve seen the movie, but I bet that’s close)

10/23/12 – Thunder and Lightning! Especially standing outside in it. Gave me goosebumps.

10/24/12 – Happy Hour!! And Founders Breakfast Stout on tap!

10/25/12 – Ok, this is a weird one, but I don’t care – Passing out while giving blood at work. It was quite entertaining to see everyone hop to action, carry me to a bed and wait on me hand and foot to make sure I was ok. And then we all laughed at how white I turned. Oops! :)

10/26/12 – Hanging out at Surly Nation, but not spending the night in the cold with all the other crazies

10/27/12 – Halloween Party! I loved the fact that my friends couldn’t recognize me

10/28/12 – Dinner with the in-laws

10/29/12 – The nearly full moon in the early morning clouds

10/30/12 – Massage!!

10/31/12 – Setting up a prank – placing a dozen fake rats in the office of a guy that’s deathly afraid of rats.

11/01/12 – Receiving a video of the discovery of the rat infestation :)

11/02/12 – Quality conversation with my friend Nick over thai food and beer.

11/03/12 – Today gets two. Spent an hour of quality cuddling time with my kitties on the couch (oo alliteration!). Quality conversation with my friend Jason over food and beer! Conversation, food and beer are the perfect combination.

11/04/12 – Taking time to read for fun.

11/05/12 – Had some quite time at work and was actually able to get some work done uninterupted

11/06/12 – Voted for someone I wanted in office instead of the lesser of two evils.

11/07/12 – Finding a doctor I like, finally. She was hilarious!

11/08/12- Went to Cloud Atlas with the hubby. Crazy movie. Loved it.

11/09/12 – Making a very simple baby blankie just so I could wrap the oddly shaped baby gift.

11/10/12 – Hannah’s baby shower and hanging out with friends afterwords. Also driving home in a stellar lighting show was pretty cool too.

11/11/12 – Bartenders Night at Lee’s

11/12/12 – One heck of a Happy Day! It started when I walked into my office to find a bottle of Darkness on my desk (Thank you Sonny!) and ended with awesome pizza, games and AMAZING beer. (Thank you Jason!) And I got to hang out with the amazing Annie!!

11/13/12 – I forgot to pay attention to the happies…

11/14/12 – New Holland’s Dragons Milk

11/15/12 – Making Chili

11/16/12 – Imbibe night!!

11/17/12- Commander release Party at Lift Bridge Brewery!

11/18/12 – Finished hanging all my xmas lights!

11/19/12 -I forgot…. again…

11/20/12 -Watched 2001 A Space Odessey with Mike. Hated the movie, but am still glad I saw it.

11/21/12 -Surly Abrasive, Mokah and Dexter :)

11/22/12 – Spending Turkey Day with the family

11/23/12 – Hung out with my parents all day. Didn’t do anything special, but it was good to spend some time together.

11/24/12 – I was lazy. I watched a lot of Dexter and crocheted a crazy scarf.

11/25/12 – Spent the evening with the in-laws.

11/26/12 – The sunset. Perfect ombre color in a cloudless sky with a nearly full moon.

11/27/12 – I stopped at the in-laws to pick something up and they fed me wine and dinner!

11/28/12 – I woke up in a great mood. I was singing and dancing for no reason. Love those days!

11/29/12 – Oopsie, wasn’t paying attention again

11/30/12 – Dinner, wine, dessert and Cards Against Humanity with Joe and Julia

12/01/12 – Dinner at Victory 44 followed by amazing beer and Cards Against Humanity with Jason, Annie and Matt

12/02/12 – Learning a new crochet stitch and using it to make a hat. And staying in jammies while being a little too lazy all day.

12/03/12 – Getting a really long heartfelt email from my friend Nicole :) AND finding out that my dad’s scans came back cancer-free.

12/04/12 – Receiving a letter addressed to CARRIE “AWESOME” KEHN

12/05/12 – Happy Hour!

12/06/12 – Finally finished my xmas decorations at home. Not a huge fan of how it turned out, but its still nice.

12/07/12 – Kermit the Frog’s ‘It isn’t Easy Being Green’ was on the radio.

12/08/12 – Movie and champagne with the hubs

12/09/12 – Snow. As much as I hate it, it’s beautiful and it makes xmas more xmassy

12/10/12 – Surviving the drive too and from work. Sure it didn’t make me smile, but it didn’t kill me and I was happy about that.

12/11/12 – Mikey bought me flowers just like he does every month on the 11th. But this time he bought me some for home AND some for work! Woo Hoo!

12/12/12 – Random Vinyl played Ravi Shankar. Awesome. Sad that it was because he just passed away, but I’m super impressed that The Current played his music.

12/13/12 – Reconnecting with an old friend

12/14/12 – Company Holiday Party – I barely had to do any work!

12/15/12 – Watched a movie with the hubs

12/16/12 – I spent the day learning a really tricky crochet stitch and making an awesome hat

12/17/12 – For no reason I started laughing. Odd, but fun.

12/18/12 – Happy Hour

12/19/12 – I forgot to pay attention again…

12/20/12 – Went to dinner and a play with the in-laws. Great food, great wine and great show!

12/21/12 – The world didn’t end…

12/22/12 – The sunrise was on fire! Possibly the most amazing sun rise ever.

12/23/12 – Today has several: driving at 2am and dad and I singing along to Adele while the others slept, amazing and beautiful fog on the overnight drive, and I arrived at my Gramma’s in AZ!!

12/24/12 – Counting offering money at the church with my grandma. Oddly satisfying.

12/25/12 – Um, it’s Xmas!! Oh, and we saw the most amazing moon dog/halo EVER!

12/26/12 – Went to Tubac and shopped with the family

12/27/12 – Went to the Phoenix area and visited more family!

12/28/12 – Went to a couple art museums with Mike at the U of AZ in Tucson

12/29/12 – It was a long day of driving across the country, but I got to sleep through most of it.

12/30/12 – We made it home!!!

12/31/12 – Spending New Years Eve with my hunny, a movie and champagne.

01/01/13 – No work! I slept in really late and was mostly lazy

01/02/13 – After nearly 2 weeks I had the evening to myself. I loved spending lots of time with Mike and the family, but it was great to have me-time again.

01/03/13 – A wonderful cup of sleepy-time tea.

01/04/13 - I looked out the window around 5pm and the dying light of day cast the most beautiful royal blue hue over the entire town. The houses were blue, the trees were blue, the streets were blue and the snow was the most amazing blue of them all. Then I went to a super fun baby shower/party!

01/05/13 – Another Baby Shower!

01/06/13 – Watching my niece play with her new LeapPad 2 given by the most amazing Aunt and Uncle in the world.

01/07/13 – The sliver of a moon in the dark and haze on my early morning drive in to work.

01/08/13 – Cuddling with the hubs while watching TV.

01/09/13 – Happy Hour with Nick at Marvel Bar and the Monte Carlo

01/10/13 – Seeing the Terracotta Warriors at the Minneapolis Art Museum with 2 awesome friends. Oh, and sushi :)

01/11/13 – Out for happy hour for a co-workers birthday.

01/12/13 – A most adorable 1 year old’s birthday party!

01/13/13 – Pretended I knew how to dance, cranked up the music and danced like no one was looking. Thank goodness no one was…

01/14/13 – Non-work related email banter at work.

01/15/13 – Mike

01/16/13 – Taking a personal day. Not for happy reasons, but so glad I took it.

01/17/13 – The worlds best tuna steaks! Thank you Mike! Also, walking on top of the new penthouse on my construction project. I could see for miles in all directions.

01/18/13 – Work was super quiet so I was actually able to focus and get some work done.

01/19/13 – Stayed in my jammies and robe all day.

01/20/13 – Another lazy day

01/21/13 – I finally picked out my new glasses frames!! Can’t wait to get them!

01/22/13 – The scale was nice to me. The xmas cookie pudge is going away!

01/23/13 – Ramona Falls concert with Nick

01/24/13 – Got my new glasses.

01/25/13 – The moon outside my window at work

01/26/13 – Spendt hours at the antique mall

01/27/13 – Spent the day in my jammies again.

01/28/13 – Actually had motivation for most of the day

01/29/13 – Talked to my parents

01/30/13 – I went climbing for the first time in a year! I think the body might actually let me do this again.

01/31/13 – I forgot to pay attention…

02/01/13 – Finally Friday…

02/02/13 – Seeing a ring of rainbow around the sun and playing cards with the hubs

02/03/13 – The hubs made me dinner and I managed to get most of the house clean. Not that I like cleaning, I just like that it actually got done.

02/04/13 – Saw a very large hawk fly past my window at work.

02/05/13 – Quietly reading with no tv, no computer… it was great. Not the best book, but still nice.

02/06/13 – Casual conversation at the end of the work day.

02/07/13 – Went to the Wild game. The wild sucked, but it was still fun to be there.

02/08/13 – Car ride with Annie to Sioux Falls

02/09/13 – Spending the day with my parents and having a heart-to-heart

02/10/13 – Spending the evening with Mikey

02/11/13 – Feeling some relief after an adjustment

02/12/13 – Getting a response. (Sorry, required to be vague)

02/13/13 – First drink of alki in 5 weeks. And something else, but that’s a mega secret. Sorry.

02/14/13 – It was an all around happy day. And I found a rose at my desk when I came into work :)

02/15/13 – Amazing cocktails with mixologists Mike and Lee and a fabulous time chatting with friends.

02/16/13 – Cards Against Humanity, amazing beer, good eats and great friends!

02/17/13 – Another Lazy Sunday

02/18/13 – A brief moment of not feeling shitty. Then a husband that takes care of sick little me.

02/19/13 – A giant hawk or owl swooping in front of the car this morning. Giant birds amaze me.

02/20/13 – Seems like a switch was flipped and my cold lessened and I had energy! Danced through the house by evening

02/21/13 – Went for a short run on the treadmill and did alright. Rocked out to MSI.

02/22/13 – I got home from work and my neighbor had cleared my driveway, plow row and all!

02/23/13 -Went for a ‘run’ on the treadmill. Mostly a walk, but empowering to get back into it.

02/24/13 – Heard a young acquaintance sing. Amazing.

02/25/13 – Spending the evening with Mikey

02/26/13 – Seeing the giant full moon this morning. I was being quite grumpy while getting ready for work and taking the trash to the curb and suddenly I looked up at the big beautiful moon and smiled.

02/27/13 – I won a game of pool! My opponent must be terrible…

02/28/13 – I got tickets to see Alice Cooper!!!!!!!!!

03/01/13 – Thanks to Mikes surgery I had the day off and we were able to get to Sioux Falls early.

03/02/13 – Got to see family and friends I don’t see enough of.

03/03/13 – We had a scare on dad’s health, but was so happy he’s ok.

03/04/13 – The sunrise casting a purple glow onto everything!

03/05/13 – Watched a squirrel do parkour through the snow piles

03/06/13 – The sunrise shot a pillar of blazing light straight up into the sky

03/07/13 – Swarms of birds outside the office window. They were going crazy!

03/08/13 – Quality time with the hubs

03/09/13 – Quality time with the hubs – again. Nothing wrong with two days in a row!

03/10/13 – Worked on a project I’ve been putting off. It was nice to make some progress.

03/11/13 – 3 separate happies. 3 of my best friends. Annie, Jason & Mike.

03/12/13 – I know there was something, but I forgot before writing it down…

03/13/13 – Tulips from my baby!

03/14/13 – Had a much needed discussion with the boss and it worked out for the best

03/15/13 – Had a very long heart to heart with my mother until 1am

03/16/13 – Saw tons of family as we all visited my dad in the hospital

03/17/13 – As hard as it was to leave my parents, its great to be home. And I saw several bald eagles soaring above me on my way.

03/18/13 – Got the new MSI album digital download. Waiting for the disk in the mail

03/19/13 – Cuddles with the hubby

03/20/13 – Happy hour with Nick

03/21/13 – Date night with Mikey! Finally went to see Les Miserables.

03/22/13 – Cards with Mikey.

03/23/13 – Friends! Talked to Kari, hung with Jason and saw Seth Meyers with Annie!

03/24/13 – Dinner with the in-laws

03/25/13 – Running

03/26/13 – MASSAGE!!!

03/27/13 – Re-realizing that the whole world sees the full moon at the same time.

03/28/13 – I finally finished putting the zipper into the dress I’m making. That took forever, and a couple tries…

03/29/13 – Finding a TON of new music on my computer this morning. Thank you Nick!

03/30/13 – Haircut!

03/31/13 – Seeing family

04/01/13 – Donating blood

04/02/13 – A bright red bird zipping past my car

04/03/13 – I beat my anger by going for a run

04/04/13 – Talking to Shari, even though it was brief

04/05/13 – I saw my first blue heron of the season! One of my favorite birds!

04/06/13 - Dad is finally feeling better! The fluid in his legs is nearly gone and he was really active around the house. Haven’t seen that in ages. Also, the big brown squirrels of Sioux Falls. I swear they are bigger than the neighbors’ dogs. (I hate the stupid gray squirrels of MN)

04/07/13 -  Grandma and Shari made it to Sioux Falls!!! Sad I couldn’t stay longer.

04/08/13 - 1. A great blue heron flew along side my car. Gorgeous! 2. Driving through 2 hours of dense fog and watching it burn off the fields like ghostly pixies in a delicate dance of passion and grace. 3. I’m finally back home to my hunny bunny!

04/09/13 – Quality time with Mikey

04/10/13 – More new music! And I finally got over a nasty migraine. It took all day and a double dose of meds to do it, but alas, I am free of the killer migraine! Now it’s just a dull ache.

04/11/13 – Dad is improving! Don’t know if it will last, but I’ll take it while I’ve got it.

04/12/13 – A super hot vendor at work was hitting on me! It made me feel good. And Mike got me giant yellow tulips! So pretty!

04/13/13 – I relaxed and got work done, all in the same day. (rather uneventful)

04/14/13 – Seeing (Mike’s) family that I so rarely get to see. It was nice to catch up.

04/15/13 – 90 minute full body professional massage. Soooooo relaxing

04/16/13 – Enjoyed a couple brews and good conversation at Dangerous Man Brewing with Nick. I laughed until my face hurt.

04/17/13 – I went climbing!! Then out for Annie’s b-day and again, laughed until my face hurt.

04/18/13 – As much as I hate to admit it – the snow was really pretty (on my crazy long commute home).

04/19/13 – Wine and a movie with the Hubs

04/20/13 – A nice lazy day.

04/21/13 – The Pan Seared Wild Acres Duck Breast, Red Wine Risotto, Rosemary & Duck Demi  at Eli’s Food and Cocktails. Tied for best meal of my life.

04/22/13 – My art room is nearly clean! And I got my new MSI album in the mail!

04/23/13 – Either I forgot to pay attention or I forgot to write it down

04/24/13 – Same as yesterday…

04/25/13 – MSI Concert!!

04/26/13 – A bit of a manic day. Probably left over from all the fun I had at the concert. I had really good energy all day.

04/27/13 – Playing cribbage outside with Jason

04/28/13 – Taking a nap with Sherlock. He tucked up into the crook of my arm and napped with me. Its so amazing to have an animal cuddle with me.

04/29/13 – I wrote to the Red Paintings after seeing their concert telling them how much I like their music and they responded – “Oooo I do remember you. Cute blonde girl with a bounce in her step. You my dear are awesome!” eeeehehehe

04/30/13 – Worked on a new song on the violin

05/01/13 – The bright, vibrant, nearly hot pink sunset

05/02/13 – Ugh, I forget…. I was super lazy all day.

05/03/13 – A morning call from Kari!

05/04/13 – Made a cake with my mom for my dad’s birthday and hung out with family.

05/05/13 – Celebrated my dad’s birthday with family.

05/06/13 – Massage, then shared a bottle of wine and watched my dad on Antique’s Roadshow!!

05/07/13 – Found $8 on the sidewalk during my run! If only I could get paid every time I ran. I might be more enthusiastic about it…

05/08/13 – The green haze in the trees of the leaves starting to emerge.

05/09/13 – I found my next sewing project! I’m excited now, but we’ll see how that progresses :)

05/10/13 – Rockin out in the morning and rollerblading with Mike in the evening.

05/11/13 – Baby shower for Rousey and Tanya. lots of fun!

05/12/13 – Having the in-laws over for Mommies Day. Sadly the niece was not feeling well, but it was still nice to have everyone over for good eats and drinks.

05/13/13 – Loving the early sunrise. Makes waking up so much easier.

05/14/13 – A lone tulip in the one foot space between the sidewalk and the street. It doesn’t appear to be intentionally placed. You go Tulip! Way to be an individual!

05/15/13 - Happy hour at the 612 with Nick. And I bought a bitchin print from Adam Turman!

05/16/13 – Happiness Hour! Awesome friends joined me at the Dangerous Man Brewery to celebrate a year of Happiness!

05/17/13 - The drive to SF finally got prettier! It was nice to see all the leaves on the trees. And apparently I drove through a tornado producing storm. Didn’t know till after. Good thing I’m safe!

05/18/13 – Spending a lazy day with my parents and grandma. Then finishing the evening with a visit to Sonja and Mike

05/19/13 – Happiness Anniversary!! Glad to be home. The drive was gorgeous with the battle between rain clouds and sun, the greenery glowed. Spent the evening with Mikey, a bottle of wine and the last two episodes of Doctor Who.

05/20/13 – An unexpected smile

05/21/13 – Birdies bathing in the puddles!

05/22/13 – Confetti Nail Polish! It makes me happy every time I look at it

05/23/13 – Sunshine! I love all the rain we’ve been having, but it was nice to see and feel the sun again.

05/24/13 – I made a ton of progress at work and ended the day by cleaning my office. A huge weight lifted and its so refreshing to have a clean office!

05/25/13 – Thrift Shopping!! And making it up to the new cabin

05/26/13 – I was at the cabin all day – what isn’t happy?!

05/27/13 – The brilliant green colors on the drive home from the cabin. Gray skies bring out the best colors!

05/28/13 – hour long massage followed by a hot aromatherapy shower.

05/29/13 – Climbing with Patrick and Ian and a couple other familiar faces

05/30/13 – A new haircut and a call from Kari

05/31/13 – Happy Hour at Indeed Brewing with Jason, Matt and Nick

06/01/13 -The cutest baby bunny fresh from the next hopping across my driveway. and the sweet smell of a gentle spring rain.

06/02/13 – Seeing Kari and family, Annie, and so many family members.

06/03/13 – Today’s happy is being replaced by gratefulness. I’m grateful I could be in Sioux Falls for the weekend and spend some time with my dad. I’m grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all family and friends and the amazing support from the hospital staff. I’m grateful for acceptance.

06/04/13 – Calling mom and Dad answered! I didn’t think he’d be able to.

06/05/13 – There wasn’t one… fail.

06/06/13 -  A duck was sitting on the roof of a neighbors house! I love ducks! And also, Big Eddy night at 3 Squares with Mike and Jason

06/07/13 –  Hot air balloons in the sky! Tons of them!

06/08/13 – 06/17/13

I have been bad at posting Happies this week and that is due to the death of my father. However, I was keeping track of happy moments, even though this past week revolved around something extremely sad. I left my daily list in Sioux Falls, so I’ll just have to do my best at summarizing:
- I’m happy my dad’s suffering is over. I’m happy for peace.
- I’m happy for all the amazing friends and family that helped mom and I through it all and partied with us after.
- I’m happy for closure.
- The funeral was a full house! The front of the church was covered in flowers. I didn’t sing the hymns, I just listened to the crowd and it was beautiful. It was an amazing honor to my dad.
- We were able to play dad’s classic rock favorites for his visitation and show the pictures he took. I know he’d love it.
- I’m happy for the long talks, late into the night with mom, grandma, and friends.
- Laughter. Laughter from friends and family getting together, but also from the funny stories of dad and how he loved to kid around.
Through all the sorrow, there was much to be happy about and thankful for. And that, also makes me happy.

06/18/13 – Massage!

06/19/13 – Loving the heat!

06/20/13 – Hugs and Cuddles with Mike

06/21/13 – Ice cream, Wine with Mikey and Storms!

06/22/13 – I did nothing important all day. Except “rescue” a baby bunny, but the vet put him down, so that wasn’t happy. Sitting on my butt all day doing nothing was great.

06/23/13 – The Food Truck Jam with Mike, Annie, and Jason. Beer, Food and Live Bands! Ran into the Zirbis’ and Shawn. Followed that with Nick joining us at the Bulldog.

06/24/13 – Listening to really random music that I never heard before, including lots of techno. I love exploring new music and the moods it puts me through.

06/25/13 – The hot pink flowers on the bushes at my work. I love those things!!

06/26/13 – I worked far too much today and was worthless when I got home, so I didn’t really pay attention to any happies… shame on me.

06/27/13 – The cutest voicemail from Kilian! (almost 4 year old.)

06/28/13 – Wine and a movie with Mike!

06/29/13 – Osseo Marching Band Festival!

06/30/13 – Got outside and did some yard work and re-potted plants. A weekend of sun was great. Then went to Jason’s to watch the new Dexter and Top Gear and drink yummy beer!

07/01/13 – Live music at the 331 club

07/02/13 – The bushes with my favorite pink flowers Exploded! Pink flowers galore! And I looked at lots of pictures of cute baby animals to try to cheer myself up a bit. It helped.

07/03/13 – So far, I realized that there are only 11 days until the Alice Cooper concert! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait!

07/04/13 – I spent most of the day outside at the cabin

07/05/13 – A really long nap. Too long actually, but it was great.

07/06/13 – A movie with my sweety

07/07/13 – I finally got the house (partially) clean! It feels so refreshing to have a clean house. And afterwords – I got to relax, guilt free.

07/08/13 – Watching two men walk down the street, holding hands and not giving a shit what anyone else has to say about it. I think since same-sex marriage was passed, people are more open with it, and ok with being open about it, and that makes me happy. And I finally returned to yoga and it totally lifted my spirits.

07/09/13 – Massage!!

07/10/13 – ‘New’ clothes from the goodwill! I love that place!

07/11/13 - Anniversary celebration: I left work at noon and Mike and I drove to Boon Island Park, hopped on a Nice Ride MN bike and toured the town with a focus on Bike Bridges. Boon/Nicolet bridge, the Stone Arch Bridge, The Washington Avenue bridge and the Martin Olav Sabo bridge. We made a stop at The Weisman Art Museum and The Republic for some beers and a snack in the middle of the ride and after it all, we went to The Modern Cafe for an amazing dinner and cocktails. We came home to watch a movie and drink Champagne and eat fancy desert. The movie, Oz, was a let down and we both fell asleep on the couch while watching it.

07/12/13 -  Jackie and Bennett’s wedding was beautiful! So great to see them and everyone else that was there.

07/13/13 – Cocktails for Dianne’s Birthday!

07/14/13 – The Alice Cooper Concert!!!!! Love him!!! He can really rock for a 65 year old.

07/15/13 – Yoga

07/16/13 – I got a lot of work done at home. Not that I wanted to clean and what-not, but its so rewarding to have it done.

07/17/13 – Spent the evening at a free wine tasting. Yum!

07/18/13 – Drinking wine and watching Dexter with the hubs

07/19/13 - Happy hour at the park with a friend and a movie and margarita’s with Mike.

07/20/13 – Cards Against Humanity with Joe, Julia, Annie, Jason and Mike

07/21/13 – A VERY lazy day with lots of naps

07/22/13 – Spending the day home  alone and letting the house get as hot as I wanted to. I love heat.

07/23/13 – Open windows! I love the hot, but this refreshing air is super nice as well.

07/24/13 - Watching a rainbow in the gray sky as I was driving to work

07/25/13 – Lunch with an friend and ex-co-worker that I haven’t seen in ages!

07/26/13 – Driving into the sunset. It wasn’t the most incredible sunset, but it was nice to see over the countryside.

7/27/13 – Spending the afternoon with my new friends Ben and Dayna! And having long meaningful conversations with my mom till 1am

7/28/13 – 8/05/13 - Happies for the past week have been a challenge. I’ve failed to stop and smell the roses and take time to enjoy the little things in life. I know I’ve had happy moments: seen my favorite birds, which always makes me happy; hung out with friends and enjoyed cocktails etc. But I’ve failed to really enjoy things and therefore failed to keep with my journal.
I started the happies as a way to keep my depression at bay. I knew I was in for a rough ride with my dad’s cancer and the increasing stresses at work. So I knew I needed to focus on it more and developed a way to force myself to look on the bright side, no matter how small and insignificant it might be. It helped. A lot, actually. But this week, I was bested by the depression.
Tomorrow is a new day and every moment a new opportunity for happiness.

08/06/13 - 8/6/13 – Thunderstorm! and quality time with Michael

08/07/13 – Out for drinks at 3 squares with Nick

08/08/13 – The boss took me out for drinks after an extremely hectic day. Woo hoo! Free beer!

08/09/13 – I seemed to have forgotten

08/10/13 – I had to work on a Saturday, but there was no one to bother me and I cranked the music and danced!

08/11/13 – I spent my birthday with a bunch of awesome friends at The Sample Room where we had amazing food and lots of yummy drinks!

08/12/13 – Too busy working and packing to pay attention

08/13/13 – Wine Country, CA! We had an amazing private tour and tasting at Cain Winery

08/14/13 – Wine Country, CA! Amazing tours and tastings and 5 bottles of free wine!

08/15/13 – Wine Country, CA! More tours and tastings!

08/16/13 – Wine Country, CA! More tours and tastings!

08/17/13 - We drove down the coast on CA HWY 1 and had clam chowder at The Tides, the filming location of The Birds. Can’t help but think of dad. If you knew him, you know why. Mikey’s birthday dinner was at Russian River Brewing and we stayed at an amazing old hotel.

08/18/13 – After a long day of travel, we made it home to kitties who were soooo happy to see us

08/19/13 - The red clouds at the sun and I was amazingly calm and not stressed at work

08/20/13 – The sun was bright red as it rose. and i had a massage

08/21/13 – I had a very productive day at work. Not the greatest happy, but it will have to do.

08/22/13 - I got an amazing gift from my dear friend Nicole, all the way from Germany! All sorts of accessories, chocolate and her Demo CD! I love it!! Thank you Nicole!!!

08/23/13 – I got to leave work early and drive to Sioux Falls

08/24/13 – The day started with coffee with my cousin Greg, a call to Gramma P, lunch with Gramma D, then a visit to Mike and Sonja and finished with a long wonderful evening with Jippy. A fun filled day!

08/25/13 - The drive back from Sioux Falls, though long, was very peaceful. I took a different route through the middle of no where, where I saw an amazing falcon sitting regally on a fence post and blue herons flying near by.

08/26/13 – Its just been a decent day all around. I’ve been somewhat motivated, somewhat calm, getting stuff done etc. And I LOVE the heat

08/27/13 – I forgot to pay attention….

08/28/13 - Getting over the downer day I was having – with the help of a couple awesome friends

08/29/13 - Watched Dumbo while drinking wine with the hubs

08/30/13 – I love Friday’s! I always have such good Fridays. There was lots of singing and dancing when no one was looking.

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  1. Collie Says:

    so nice to read your daily dose of happiness, carrie! very inspiring! i enjoy your blog! i´ll write soon, my friend.
    greetings from berlin, germany

  2. Collie Says:

    happy with you for 08/28!
    Geniess die taegliche Dosis Glueck heute (Enjoy the daily dose of happiness today)

  3. Collie Says:

    about 10/25:Oh! Hope you are okay now :-) Giving blood at work? Interesting! Yeah, i bet this was kind of funny to observe the whole situation somehow. my best wishes to you!

  4. Collie Says:

    Wow, i wanna find money on the street also. Lucky You! Those kind of stuff never happens to me, LOL!

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