October 4, 2008

First foray into the world of custom rifles

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About four months ago, I took some parts and pieces of to a semi-local smith to have a rifle created out of them. The idea was to have a hard use rifle, open-sights, and based on the mauser action. The caliber was ultimately decided on as .338-06, which is a .30-06 Springfield necked up to accept a .338″ bullet.

The metal work was done by Jef Rice of Rhys Precision Gunworks, and he also Cerakoted it armory black. The stock was the take off from the donor rifle, and is a placeholder for testing and verification. The action is an Interarms Mark X and the barrel isa #3 contour Shilen 1-10 twist .338″ finished at 23″ length.

The rear sight is a Williams FP aperture sight, and the front sight is a NECG Universal Screw on ramp that wound up having to be silver soldered on due to the wall thickness of the barrel. The original Interarms safety/trigger was tossed in favor of a Timney Featherweight and a 98 Mauser flag safety.

All that is left is to finish it out with the proper stock, currently leaning toward either a McMillen or a Bansner/HTS with a Boyds JRS laminate being a distant third.

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