May 28, 2009

The Nashville Life

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I suppose I ought to post something so people don’t off and assume I died on the barren plains of Wyoming.

Some of you may be aware I moved to Nashville, Tennessee for a job offer doing something similar to what I was doing in Wyoming (and if you weren’t aware of it, you are now).

Work has been keeping me busy so I haven’t been up to much else. I somehow managed to get promoted with like seven times the work and no real promotion, but I wound up being responsible for establishing and testing the connections between our application and external agencies and providers, in addition to my other work.

So aside from the oppressive, gawdawful heat and humidity, the south is actually a nice place. People are really friendly (I can’t count the number of random honest to ganesh conversation that start in the elevator) even if they can’t drive. Still looking for my camera to prove to the shirtninja that the scenery down here is far surpassing anything to be found in South Dakota.

Other than that, wedding thingy coming up, and then when I return hopefully I will muster the motivation to finish my rifle, do some load development, and shoot a barrel or two out of it.

3 Responses to “The Nashville Life”

  1.   Sonja Says:

    I’m excited to come and visit – I like heat. :)

  2.   seth Says:

    Holy crap an update. 3 Things:
    1. Stop being lazy about the rifle
    2. I definitely have liked the digital rebel and would recommend one
    3. Did the workload promotion involve a title change, or purely just a “oh you handled getting hit by a bus fine, now we’re going to try running you over with trucks”?

  3.   elmidgeto Says:

    1. yes
    2. eventually.
    3. no title change, but for that, first I would need a title, so it is more the second thing.

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