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I’m going to start this two part post with a little back story from last year, cause I forgot to blog about it. Hang in there, this one might get long.

My wife has been involved in the local community theater in Spencer for a few years now, and so, she has been volunteering doing hair/makeup/costumes, as well as being in a few of the shows. So on weekends, my daughter and I would take some time and go to the show to see her hard work.

Last year, a situation came up where the producers were looking for a backup drummer for The Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash Musical), the last regular show for the season, in case the regular drummer couldn’t make it.  The first weekend of shows went off without a hitch.  The second week of rehearsals went well until Thursday, which is a refresher with all members of the cast and crew before the shows that weekend.  The regular drummer was a no show, and no one could get ahold of him. After rehearsal was over, my wife, who was doing costumes for the show, called me and asked if I knew any drummers that could play the show. At first, I said no, because most of the drummers I know live in Sioux Falls or Sioux City.  Then I said that I could probably do it, I had seen the show the weekend before, although I hadn’t touched a drum set since my sophomore year in high school. So my wife told the producers that I would fill in, just in case the regular drummer couldn’t make it.

So the next day, Friday, the first day of the show for that weekend, I took of work early, and went down to the theater with my wife, and practiced. I practiced for about 2 hours, and hile taking a quick break, the weather had started to get not so nice outside, and then, the tornado sirens start to go off.  So we had to go to the basement of the theater and wait for the storm to pass. At about 5, we were cleared to leave the basement, so my wife and I went to get something to eat before she needed to be back to get ready for the show.

Then came the hour long wait, where I still didn’t know if I was playing or not.  At 7, the regular drummer shows up sick and says he can’t go on, so I’m up, and nervous as hell now, only having 2 hours worth of practice.  My performance seemed to give the performers a bit of boost, which made for an awesome show.  The regular drummer returned for the rest of the shows, and there ended my career as a drummer for the theater, so I thought.

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It is done!!! We have finally finished Alicia’s new room and gotten everything moved back in so it’s livable again.  Here are the pictures of the finished room with and without stuff in it.

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While working on the painting of the 1st door, i realized that there was a lot of small work that needed done. Since we are trying to keep as much of the original work in the house, i have been cleaning a lot of the old brass elements in the room. The door plates, heat vent cover, door hinges all needed stripped of the paint that was on them and then polished to remove the black residue from them being painted. So here are some pictures of those pieces as well as the door. Enjoy

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