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I have been running the RTM version of Windows 8 now for about 2 weeks at work and at home and have noticed a few things that I thought I would share.

First interesting note, I have not installed any software from Adobe on any of the 4 systems I have installed Windows 8 on. No Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave…nothing.

Second…. I have not installed Java, or Quicktime and obviously, your mileage will vary on if you need them or not

Third…while 2 of the machines have touch screens, I have only used touch on a Dell Inspiron Duo, which for a netbook, runs windows 8 very well.  The HP Touchsmart 300 I have at work has too deep of bezels on the screen to use the touch features.

At home, my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E220s has taught me that using the keyboard and its new shortcuts is the best way to use Windows 8 on a laptop or desktop.  The multi-touch trackpad drivers for my laptop are not quite ready yet, so there is an annoying thing that happens when I move my mouse around the screen, I accidently activate the charms bar, application switcher, and metro context menus. A lot. I just installed Windows 8 on my desktop at home tonight, and so far, so good.

Fouth, the built-in applications still need a little work, or maybe its my very strange Microsoft Account that is the issue.  My Microsoft Account email address ends with, which is causing an issue with the mail app wanting to add my Hotmail account to it, it wants to add it as gmail.  On 3 of the machines, I had an account issue with facebook and twitter not being linked, therefore facebook integration in the people and messaging apps did not work, until I reset the linked accounts and had to remove and reinstall the people/messaging/calendar/mail app package to get this fixed.

The core of Windows 8 is very very stable, and very nice to use, the improvements to everything on the desktop side should be enough to make people at least ponder the idea of installing it.  That said, Microsoft has a goal, and the only way it will work, is to get developers to move their applications to the MetroUI or ModernUI or whatever they are calling it today.


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