I had a great plan…The keyword there is had.  I was planning to head to Sioux Falls this last Friday to catch up with most of you who actually read my blog, attend Code Camp on Saturday, and head back on Sunday.

Failure #1, No Plastic.  Since moving back home and not traveling much, i did not have the need to have a debit/credit card.  When I signed up for Code Camp, I was going to just drive up early Saturday morning and drive back after it was over.  that plan changed, as i wanted to go see where all of you work and visit. So i went to the bank and got my debit card stuff filled out and back in and I didn’t get my card until Saturday. No plastic, no place to stay.

Failure #2, Conflicting things to do.  All last week i have been working hard to get this first remodel project done.  I figured, i would get done what i could, and head up to Sioux Falls on Friday after work after i got my debit card in the mail.  Failure #1 strikes again.  No card, no trip.

Failure #1 allowed Failure #2 to be come a success…Final post about Remodel Project #1 coming soon.

Sorry to all those who i told i was coming and then just didn’t show up.

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While working on the painting of the 1st door, i realized that there was a lot of small work that needed done. Since we are trying to keep as much of the original work in the house, i have been cleaning a lot of the old brass elements in the room. The door plates, heat vent cover, door hinges all needed stripped of the paint that was on them and then polished to remove the black residue from them being painted. So here are some pictures of those pieces as well as the door. Enjoy

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After many tedious weekends working on the floor, Skye and I decided to hire someone to finish the floor. With being too busy to work up there, and it taking forever, this was the right decision. So here are the results of the finished floor.

So here is what’s left….Paint the trim and the doors. When that is done, i will post final pictures without stuff in the room and with stuff in the room.

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