Nov 02 2013

Friends…(prepare for mushiness)

Recently, we had some close friends visit from Germany.  It was such a fun week with lots of laughing, drinking beer, and solving the world’s problems.  I was struck as I was dropping them off at the airport that these people who I have spent relatively very little time with are some of my dearest friends!  I’m not sure if its because we have to work twice as hard to communicate because of the language barrier or what, but they truly are kindred spirits to my husband and me. 

It got me thinking about friends…and what that word has meant to me throughout the course of my life.  When I was very young, it pretty much meant anyone who would be nice to me and liked to play horses. :)   As I got into my teenage years, it was more about having the similar insecurities and sharing a love for music.  As a young adult, partying and drinking was a major theme, as it is for most young people.  If you stay up late, had few responsibilities, liked to dance and do incredibly stupid things…we were tight.

  Now, as a mother and fairly established grown-up (really?! Ok, I guess I’m a grown-up), friendship has become much more difficult to define.  I have friends that I have known for years, and have seen me through some amazing highs and some pretty spectacular lows.  I have friends that are my “mommy friends”…ladies that I have bonded with through a mutual survival of having children.  I have my friends that I have met through a  love of doing crazy things like Zumba, helping a bunch of teenagers throw soggy dog food at each other, watching silly TV shows, or the craziest of all, being married to a police officer!  And, last but not least, my work friends who are truly as nuts as I am. :)  

I can not imagine life without these people.   The are such an amazing, beautiful, inspiring group that keep me accountable, make me laugh, encourage me.  My only hope is that I can do the same…keep them accountable, make them laugh, and encourage them when they are down.   

Thank you.  To all of you.  I don’t know WHAT I would do without each of you.


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Oct 11 2013

Hello out there?

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I was re-reading some of my old blog entries today, and was quite sad to realize how LONG its been since I’ve added one!  So, I think I’d like to take up blogging again.  I found it therapeutic.  And Lord knows I could use all the therapy I can get! hehehee…

Anyways, I also realized that I’m kind of all over the map with my blog.  Should I pick a topic and go with it?  Or just continue to ramble about the randomness that is my life?

Okay, back to the real world…I’m going to contemplate the awesomeness of my first REAL entry…..

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Jul 01 2011

Busy…and yet….not so busy.

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I can say that I’ve been busy, and its true.  However, have I been too busy to blog?  Not really.  Its just that I really felt as though I didn’t have anything to talk about.  I mean…what’s going on in MY life?  Well, it turns out I’m not QUITE as boring as I thought. 

For example, I am twenty weeks pregnant.  Yup.  Halfway to cute, squishy, up-all-night newborn life again!  And this pregnancy has been INTERESTING!  First off, I didn’t even find out I was pregnant until 9 weeks.  Oops?  Apparently not so in touch with things. :)   Secondly, I had my 12 week appointment and was supposedly doing fine, only to find out the next morning that I had a subchorionic bleed (this was no fault on the doctor’s part…it just showed up the next day.  Uncool.)  After a week of bedrest where I couldn’t even pick up my son, I was deemed to return to “normal” life minus my favorite pastime….Zumba.   Then, after several breakdowns from lack of Zumba, I broke up with my doctor (I shall blog on this topic in more detail at a later date).   Now, I’m at twenty weeks.  Whew!  And that’s only halfway?   What’s the NEXT half going to be like?!

Oh, the details:

I’m due November 16.

We’re not finding out the baby’s gender.

I don’t care if you touch my belly. :) (Unless you’re some creeper from the grocery store that I don’t know…in that case…HANDS OFF!)

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Feb 15 2011

Being real.

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I must admit, I’ve struggled with this topic for some time.  I know putting it on my blog which has a readership of about four doesn’t really share it with the WORLD, but I really felt led to say something…anything….on this topic.

A few months ago, I was told that I wasn’t representing Christianity very well in a number of different ways.  While I admit that we are ALL imperfect (Romans 3:9), myself especially, I didn’t realize that I was doing THAT badly to need to be taken aside and figuratively kicked in the booty.  A number of issues were addressed, and I do believe that despite the way the situation was handled some good came from it.  The main topic I wanted to address was that of being real.  One of the things said about me was how I share my frustrations in life (e.g. parenting, love, friends, etc) and how that is inappropriate of a good Christian wife to “air the dirty laundry” if you will. 

I do agree that as a Christian, I need to represent my Father well in that “my outward life, which men may see, will bring credit to my master’s name.” (Colossians 1:10).  However Jesus also says, “In this world you will have trouble, but fear not!  I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33b)  So, it says it right there.  We’re going to have trouble in this world.  Life is going to be hard.  And it is all going to be okay.  

So, if Jesus feels comfortable saying that life is hard, why can’t I?  Life IS hard.  Even with your heart and soul devoted to God, you’re going to have a rough time sometimes.  The thing that matters is how you handle it.  How you deal with your hard times.  Sometimes that might be praying with your spouse.  Other times, it may include talking it over with your friends.  Sometimes, you just have to poll your acquaintances for ideas on how to make it through the next minute because you’re just tapped out.  The important thing is to be honest and not just pretend that you live in a peachy-keen world where everything is hugs and puppies, but that you’re making it through day by day with Jesus Christ by your side, perhaps even carrying you when you have lost the will to trudge onward. 

I feel as though by being real, and sharing my frustrations (AND triumphs!) that I am able to share my faith in Christ with others much more easily because I’m not putting on a front.  I can say that things aren’t always easy, but I am able to get through the hard times by putting my trust in Him, and that my husband and I share that same philosophy of dealing with struggles. 

Let me end with this.  I believe God is constantly at work in me.  He knows my heart, and despite what anyone else says, loves me as I am.  My life is perfectly imperfect.  I love my family and friends.  I can’t WAIT to see what else He has in store for us. 

And, NEVER feel ashamed of admitting that life is tough.  He’s got your back.

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Jan 27 2011


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“Hi, my name is Kari and I have a problem.”  I’m an exercise FREAK!  As you know, I’ve been teaching Zumba down at Stretch Studio on Thursdays at noon (which I LOVE), but I also attend class two other times per week.  In addition, I’ve been doing a “Ripped”-esque workout program that involves fartlek running and weights.  NOW, (because I apparently need a challenge) I am going to sign up for the Mickelson Half Marathon on June 5.  This involves a fairly extensive workout regimen (5 days/wk) in addition to the stuff I’m already doing!  I’m sitting here today, sore in every part of my body, and so tired, but trying to decide when I’m going to get my next run in (in case you’re wondering, prob tonight after Kili conks out. )  So, as far as addictions go, I guess its not a horrible one, but pray that I can keep my energy up and don’t collapse into a giant heap on the floor. :)

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Jan 04 2011

Coming back from the chaos…

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I love the holidays!  They are so fun, and bring so much joy to my family’s life!  However, I learned a VERY important lesson this holiday season.  I must not let the chaos consume us!  Let me explain.

For the first time in (not SO many) years, I have been subject to the school’s schedule and thus the well-loved holiday break.  With that, I’ve also remembered what its like to have two weeks in December to sleep in and be lazy.  So, we did just that!  We slept in until 8:00 even 8:30 occasionally, when our normal day starts between 7 and 7:30.  We didn’t have to get Netty to school, so we just played.  We didn’t have to pick Netty up from school either, so nap times varied.  Mommy didn’t work on Fridays, so that was another fun free day for us! 

During all this fun, my little son continued to grow and learn.  He learned how to walk, and thus curiosity takes him wherever his feet will take him (which is pretty much everywhere).  Instead of having the continuity of a scheduled, somewhat structured day during this new transition, he had chaos brought about by holiday fun. 

Now, its January.  Time for New Years resolutions, get back to the gym, get back to our diets, get back to school, and get back to ORDER!  Unfortunately, my little man is having a bit of trouble with the transition and we are now getting to experience full on temper tantrums!  ACK!  Let me tell ya, those are NOT fun, and if that’s the product of our “vacation” from structure….count me OUT!  So, I’ve written down a new schedule for our days, and am going to attempt to return to it…a little at a time so as not to completely stress my boy out. :)   What did Mommy learn for next year?  Holidays are good, flexibility is good, but NOT to completely abandon what has worked for us for so long….our schedule.

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Dec 21 2010

Christmas baking!

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I LOVE CHRISTMAS COOKIES!  Here’s a list of the yumminess that is currently available at our house!

1. Oreo Balls (thank you Tarin!)

2. Fudge

3. Sugar Cookies

4. Gingerbread Cookies

5. Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies

6. English Toffee

7. Peanut Brittle

8. Spiders (chow mein noodles and peanuts covered in chocolate and butterscotch)

9. And Spritz!  Christmas is not complete without spritz cookies!

YUM!  So, with that, I need to continue my Zumbaing to contradict the calorie intake…..

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Dec 08 2010

Shopping and Zumba!

So, since I’m not a very diligent blogger, I must double up on topics.  First off: Shopping!

Antoinette and I traveled through ice, snow, wind, and rain, but we made it to our destination of the MALL OF AMERICA!  Nine hours and hundreds of dollars later, we have conquered the giant mall!  Several wonderful purchases including Guess grey suede foldover boots, basics from H&M, and a couple of fun shirts from Forever 21.  Antoinette bought a couple pairs of boots, a red peacoat, lots of fun shirts from H&M and some other miscellaneous items.  We had a great time and Antoinette was throroughly impressed with the massive mall! 

We also had time to visit a number of friends and family on our trip!  We stayed with Tarin after shopping all day, and then got to visit Sara and Mychal and meet their sweet new baby, Katie.  We also ended up staying with my dad and stepmom on the way there and back!  It was sure nice to spend some time with them.  While we were there on the way home, they took us to the NEW Crooks Christmas which is now being shown at the Western Mall in Sioux Falls!  Apparently the family sold their home, but are able to continue the light display in town!  Check out the old display HERE!

Secondly: ZUMBA!

I’ve finally gotten my own Zumba class!  Hooray!  Thursdays at noon people!  Come and shake it with me!  Anyway, its been a blast, and I’m absolutely LOVING it!  Its more of an express class so we work it hard and get you in and out over lunch!  I’m so grateful to the gals at the studio who have been mentoring me and getting me ready for this!  I’m also available for private parties for those of you who might still be interested!  Let me know!

Anyway, that’s what’s going on here!  Gotta start getting ready for Christmas now!  Hooray!

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Nov 18 2010


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We had a visit with Dr. Stelzle of Allergy & Asthma of the Black Hills this morning.  I was not as impressed as I would have hoped.  We got there and had to wait for almost an hour before even being called from the waiting room!  (Side note: We practiced blanket time with Kilian and had a huge success!  He played contentedly on the blanket for almost 30 minutes!)  Anyway, we finally got in to see the doctor, and the nurse obviously had not read the chart or knew nothing of why we were being seen.  Why spend the time to get charts to a clinic if they aren’t even going to look at them?  Then the doctor shows up and gives about the most wishy washy answers possible.  “Yes, he’s allergic to dogs, but its under a 2 (actually level of allergy), so its not severe.”  “Well, you could get rid of your dogs or just phase them out because its likely going to get worse as you sensitive him to them.”  “Well, I wouldn’t change your life.”  “I wouldn’t want to be the parent who had their child on steroids just so they could have pets.”  “It might go away as he gets older.” 

WHATEVER!  I’m so frustrated at not getting a straight answer from people.  So now Sean and I are left to decide for ourselves the fate of our dogs.  Justice is probably not long for this world, so she’s not so much an issue, but the other two are NOT outside dogs.  Zeus wouldn’t make it a day in the winter, and Goofy needs human contact!  Magnum spends most of his time outside anyway, and has the winter coat for it, so we’re not as worried about him.  Right now, we’ve basically decided to keep Kili on the Flovent and see how he does and talk to Dr. Wallace again in January.  We’ll gradually wean him off the Flovent, and if he continues to have problems without any cat exposure, we may have to revisit the dog issue.  As far as being around cat owners, Dr. Stelzle gave us some ideas to make that manageable.  Some OTC Zyrtec and double up his Flovent, and he should be fine.  That’s a relief that we should be able to keep him comfortable, and make my parents more at ease when they visit! :)

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Nov 08 2010


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This weekend Kilian and I made the long trek to the eastern side of the state for a visit with Dr. James Wallace of Sanford Children’s Hospital and Specialty Clinic.  What an amazing and beautiful facility! 

Isn't it cool???

We walked in and there the whole place looks like a castle even on the inside!  It really felt as though we were in something created by Disney!  There’s a giant steam fireplace (only one of two in the world, I’m told) and a real suit of armor!  We had lunch with my stepmom at the Dakota Cafeteria which was gorgeous!  I’m actually glad the RCRH Cafeteria didn’t have food like that, otherwise I would have blown up like a balloon!!! :)  Such fun though!  It was nice to visit with her before the appointment though!  Anyway, we made our way to the clinic where the checkin process was very smooth.  We were escorted down the waiting room which was clearly designed to keep children entertained!  Computer games, doll houses, those bead/wire things, games on the wall were all over!  We didn’t wait long before Dr. Wallace’s nurse came to get us.  She took the usual vitals, and asked us about Kilian’s history.  Finally, Dr. Wallace came in and boy, was I pleased!  Such a nice guy, but so thorough in asking questions, and patient to listen to our story and answer any questions I could come up with!  He was very understanding to my plight of not wanting my son on so much medication, but in light of the fact that Kilian had been on oral steroids 4-5 times in as many months, he felt it necessary to put him on twice daily inhaler called “Flovent“.  This will be FAR less steroids over the period of one year than even one full course of oral steroids, which lasts five days.  I’m not thrilled with the idea, but I feel as though we have tried EVERYTHING, and it sounds like we will be able to wean him off it come summertime.  They also drew some bloodwork for a common allergan panel, just to see if there might be another environmental allergy causing problems.  So, I’ll keep ya posted and let you know what comes of that!  OTHERWISE, we’ve had a lovely weekend, and we’re heading back to Rapid City tonight!  Hooray!

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