A couple of weeks ago I had a hard drive die on my Home Server. I’m not thrilled about having to buy more parts, but it is what it is.

On the plus side, today I received the new hard drive for my Home Server, and a little bonus present for myself:

I have actually needed the second backplane for awhile, as I have had 2 hard drives running outside of the main backplane — however, I am a penny-pincher, so I didn’t bother ordering one… until now.

I was a little shocked when I received the more expensive Athena Power BP-SAS3051B instead. Don’t get me wrong, there are no complaints here (not that I think I’ll be purchasing any SAS drives any time soon anyway).

I can only assume they ran out, as the product is now listed as “not available” for the SATA version, and Sold Out for the SAS. Maybe they are moving to the SAS/SATA one only? Either way, I got it for cheaper than I should have, so I am happy. :)

On the plus side, one of my previous 1TB hard drives has been replaced with a 2TB model, and things are back to where they were.

Joy was had by all.


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