Tonight was another Sioux Falls .NET User Group (SF DNUG) meeting. Due to some unfortunate events, I ended up missing the last meeting, and I almost forgot about tonight’s meeting. With some last minute rescheduling, I was able to attend — and I’m glad I did.

The presentation was called “OData, WCF Data Services and ADO.NET Entity Framework” and was presented by Mike Benkovich from Microsoft. I found the entire bit on the Open Data Protocol (OData) very interesting. While it’s basically just AtomPub with the ability to add filtering and some other functions on top, it allows for some pretty cool ways to grab and use data.

Mike did a great job of incorporating a lot of examples mix and matching some on the fly code with some pre-built examples. It was pretty cool to see just how fast you can query a source and get results. There was a couple hiccups in the middle, and he did get a little flustered at an error or two, but overall — it was a good presentation.

Much like our presentation on jQuery, the presentation really makes me hope we continue to have Sioux Falls DNUG meetings. Again, our attendance was decent — not huge, but not small either. I saw a couple new faces (for me) this time, including Bob Davidson, Chris Thames and Dave Konz. It was good to see some old DSU people there. Of course, Miles is still too good to show up. :)

I suppose now that things are getting back into the swing of things, I really need to get on top of fixing up our SF DNUG server to get our website back online! If I can get past getting midterms completed, I should hopefully be able to get everything up and running by the end of the week.


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