It has been over two and a half years since I ordered my first Popcorn Hour, the A-110, and a small amount under that for the Popcorn Hour C-200, which I stalled on ordering.

I had a mixed experience with the A-110. It was a first generation device and was fairly clunky. The C-200, however, I have had excellent luck with. The device has played every file I’ve thrown at it and was a nice improvement when combined with Eversion user interface for YAMJ.

Sometime in the last year our A-110 died, so we were back down to the one unit in the living room, which was good enough until recently. After finally getting our projector and screen, we attempted to watch a couple movies downstairs. This is fun, but having to constantly unhook and re-hook everything back up isn’t ideal, especially on days when I’m gone (Maintenance Fridays).

This lead us to our most recent purchase, the Popcorn Hour A-300.

The new 300-series has a few improvements over the 200-series, primarily the upgrade from the 667MHz SMP8643 processor to the new(er) 800MHz SMP8657. That, combined with ACTUAL Gigabit Ethernet, is a nice improvement.

Installing the new Popcorn Hour into my existing home network was a lot faster than setting up the C-200 with YAMJ the first time was. Since YAMJ is already configured and ready to go, all I had to do was:

  1. Add the Network Share.
  2. Install the YAMJ app.
  3. Point the app to the existing Jukebox.

Initial observations:

The only negative aspect of ordering directly from Popcorn Hour is the order-to-delivery time. I believe we originally placed our order back around January 23rd and the device didn’t ship for over a full month, with finally just receiving it today.

With that exception, so far I am already very happy with the new A-300. Plus, now I’m able to leave the C-200 for the downstairs projector! More on that later… :)


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