According to the documentation, the Dell PowerConnect 6200-series switches can support up to 18 different LAG’s. A port channel can have zero to eight ports as members, and any external or internal port can be a member of a LAG.

Seems simple enough. Now to give it a try.

However, before you get started, it is generally recommended that you physically disconnect the ports to be aggregated at the switch during configuration. As I’ve heard enough horror stories of bad switch configurations and network downtime due to network loops being formed, I went ahead and followed this advice.

So, from the CLI it’s actually incredibly easy to setup a LAG. Using the following commands, you can setup ports 1/g11 through 1/g14 as a 4-port dynamic link aggregation:

PC6224(config)# interface range ethernet 1/g11-1/g14
PC6224(config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto

The first command sets the CLI mode to configure the Gigabit Ethernet ports on Unit 1, Ports 11 through 14. The second command aggregates the four ports into a LAG, which will use LACP. The ’1′ for the channel-group number tells the switch which of the 18 LAG’s it is. Since this is my first LAG on the switch, channel-group 1 seemed appropriate.

That’s it, done.

For fun, I found that this can be done through the web interface as well. Simply navigate to:

Switching –> Link Aggregation –> Lag Membership

On this page, first select your unit if you have stacking enabled. Then, in the “LAG” column, click on each of the ports you want to assign to a LAG. Each click will rotate through the channel-groups, so simply click once in each box. Once you have all your ports selected, then click once in the LACP row also. You should now see a ‘L’ and ’1′ in the LACP and LAG boxes for each port you want to be part of a LAG.

Click Apply Changes, and you are done.


3 Responses to “Dell PowerConnect 6224 – Link Aggregation”

  1. Felipe Lopez on September 4th, 2013 4:14 pm

    y probaste conectividad entre los host conectados en cada switch? puedes mandar ping sin ruteo? de un extremo a otro extremo

  2. sebus on May 16th, 2014 12:24 pm

    Easy to configure on the switch, but so far could not get it working with Intel X540-T2 cards using Server 2012 R2 teaming (LACP & Dynamic)


  3. mike on May 22nd, 2014 11:24 am

    Really? That’s unfortunate as I was looking to pick up two of them as well.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have better luck in the future.

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