Yesterday, after installing a new network card and testing drivers, I went to go test a connection on the server. Traditionally, I would assume with a Quad-Port Ethernet card that the ports would start at the top as eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3. Or, worst case, from the same order but from the bottom up.

However, I found that wasn’t the case. Instead, they had been detected as igb2, igb3, igb0, igb1. So when I had tried the first and last port for igb0, and then again for igb3, thinking those would be guaranteed one or the other, I was wrong for both.

After a little fiddling, I found that if I wipe out the /etc/path_to_inst followed by a quick reboot, everything was picked up in the order you would expect: igb0, igb1, igb2, igb3.

Nice try, OpenIndiana.


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