I have two configurations I am considering, an all-in-one and a stand-alone setup. I am struggling between the two. They both have pro’s and con’s. I just can’t seem to figure out which is “better.”


Quick-savings: I don’t actually “need” the case. For $109, I can have a 15-bay setup which would get me by for sometime. 8x 3TB + 6x2TB +1xMisc Drive. I also already have one m1015 that I could get by with for now as well. That would be $530 in savings.

Min-total: $855 + $1120 disks = $1975
Sub-total:  $1385 hardware; $1120 initial disk purchase, with an $1120 future purchase
Someday total: $3625


Total: $2750 – $4355

This build has staging options. I could easily buy the main storage first $1880 and then pick up the 1U VM server later for $825. It also allows me to easily expand into a second 1U for another $825 (probably not, but the ‘option’ is there) if I ever wanted to better mimic my work setup. I could even try out the VMware auto-power down server junk to maximize power savings.

These ended up being a little more expensive of options than I was thinking, however this is more of a “full” build out, rather than picking up drives as I go.


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