I have been battling for months, if not years, on what to do for a new storage server. Today I bit the bullet and started a new system upgrade. I started with a 24-bay SuperMicro enclosure:

I’ve wanted to make the leap to a larger unit for awhile. My current system will max out at 15 bays, which is probably enough, but the cost to add in three 5-in-3 units is over $300, with a minimum of $200 in SAS/SATA HBA’s (used).

Since this will be a trial run, I am going on the cheap. I am picking up the following for a test system:

So what should this bad boy cost? Well, if I bought it all new back in 2009, probably around $1k in parts, plus another $1.2k for the case (at the time). So I should be all-in for a little over $2,200. Luckily, that’s not what I paid.

You might be asking why I would choose some of this hardware? Well, the plain and simple reason: I found a great deal.

I was able to get all of the above for only $299. Although it did cost me another $65 to ship it. So all in at roughly $365, I really can’t complain with this deal. Seriously, even a cheaper knock-off case by itself is more expensive than that!

So for less than that, I am getting a higher quality SuperMicro case worth $500-1000, and a fully functioning server for free with it.

Does this system fulfill my hopes and dreams of having an all-in-one virtual server powerhouse?


Does it get me a cheap and easy demo system to see if I want to try ZFS, while also giving me 24 fully functioning bays and enough horsepower to run it?


Best case scenario: Everything runs perfect and I’m done.

Mid-case scenario: I got a cheap case, and some sample parts, and I flush it out with a new build.

Worst-case scenario: I hate it, and I resell it on ebay for likely a profit.


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