HDHR PrimeSix years ago I built a Media Center that used a Hauppauge WinTVHVR1600 TV Tuner. This was great at the time, when HD was not really a concern. However, I have since come to find HD-content as a standard rather than an upgrade, and my old analog tuner hasn’t been in use for years for this very reason.

I currently rent an HD DVR box from my cable provider for $16.00/mo. I have 3 TV’s in my house and I’m about to add a fourth. As it is, only my primary TV has HD cable. I was looking for a ¬†good option to expand additional content to other rooms without having to pay $64/mo for HD DVR rental boxes.

I thought about going with non-DVR boxes, which would save me a few dollars per room, but ended up looking into going back to a TV card. I already have a home server and a media center box for each TV, so I figure that this could work for me.

I researched for awhile and found the HDHomeRun Prime. This box retails for $199, but can usually be found for around $129-159 at NewEgg. If you want to save a few bucks, you can get the Refurbished model from NewEgg for $99.

If you really want to penny pinch and aren’t in a hurry, you can find them on ebay for around $60-95. I went with this route. It took me almost three weeks to finally win one on the lower end of that range, $65. As this was just a fun side-project, and I have no idea how well this will even work, saving a few extra dollars seemed to be in my best interest.

I’m in the early stage of testing, but so far this device already appears to have great potential. I have HDTV working on my local desktop. My initial test streams appear to be the same quality as watching through the set top box, which is great.

My goal is to play around with this setup some more over the weekend and see what I can rig up.


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