This weekend I had a bit more time to poke around with the HDHR Prime. Since this is a network streaming device, it works great for watching TV, but in order to use it as a DVR it takes a little bit of extra work.

I initially looked at using an old MediaPortal installation, since this is what I had before with my old Hauppauge card. This turned out to be a giant waste of time. Newer MediaPortal installs require Win7/8, and I didn’t want to run this on my desktop, so I wasn’t even considering that as an option.

I first looked at using TVHeadEnd, but the guide I had been following used source packages that had compatibility issues. I looked around and there may be some work around options, but nothing I found was very well documented.

As a quick alternative to get testing sooner rather than later, I threw up a quick install of NextPVR. My initial reading showed that NPVR seems to have good enough XBMC integration and the install was basically a one-click install. After all of 15-minutes, I was up and running. I loaded in the EPG data and had Live TV and DVR capabilities from all of my TV’s through XBMC.

I setup a few recordings and the first attempts appear to be just fine. I had a little jitter when i tried saving to an old HDD. I ended up creating a small VM with a new install of NPVR and pointing it to my storage server and that resolved the issues. I guess the old test box had a 10+ year old HDD. While it “ran” it didn’t run very well. Once setup on as a VM with recordings directly to the Storage Server, I tested up to 3 different streams all recording at the same time, all three came out just fine.

My initial 60 minute recording was saved as a 5GB MPEG2 stream, which was less than ideal. For fun, I cut out commercials and re-encoded as MPEG4 High 4.1 and got that down to around 600MB. Not to shabby.

While I do intend to give tvheadend another shot and look into something like MythTV, for now I at least have a decent whole-home DVR solution, with around 10TB of free DVR space!


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