I am really enjoying the FireTV as a media center. It does so well that I’m hoping to have it be my “only” device (minus audio), replacing the Motorola DVR as well. Over summer I picked up the HDHR Prime and setup NextPVR. I setup my recurring recordings and everything worked great.

Over the last few months, I switched from the default XBMC theme and installed Amber and more recently Ace. I really like the main menu of Ace, which is what finally made me switch to it. The one thing I noticed, however, was that PVR functionality was not functioning in the Ace skin.

After a little research, I saw a post saying:Simply copying the RecordPrefs.xml file from:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\addons\pvr.nextpvr\resources\skins\skin.confluence\720p\”

I had a fun time trying to get the RecordPrefs.xml in the android XBMC version, and tried to use the skin.amber\1080i\RecordPrefs.xml file, but this resulted in a crash any time I tried to set a recording.

After digging out the original (working) skin.confluence\720p\RecordPrefs.xml and applying a few minor tweaks, everything is working great. I can now add/delete NextPVR recordings from XBMC again using alternative skins.


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