In May of last year I had posted a method to import PeopleSoft OVAs into ESXi. This method was an extension of Nicolas Gasparotto‘s guide that worked for releases 9.2.001 through 9.2.005. The method I posted worked great for 9.2.006 through 9.2.008. However, with the release of 9.2.009 the PeopleSoft image was updated to PeopleTools 8.54, and something has changed. Nicolas has a great write-up of his debugging method, but long story short, you need to update the corresponding OVF:CAPACITY arguments for reach disk from the listed capacity and change it to (capacity*2)-64512.

This method has been successfully tested with 9.2.009 and 9.2.010.

As a very high-level rundown:

  1. Download the ZIPS from Oracle (use the handy wget script supplied through eDelivery)
  2. Unzip the OVA files from the archive. (I recommend unzipping the first file, and running the ova_gen.bat/ file)
  3. Concatenate the OVA files into a single OVA. (see Step 2 suggestion, which will do this for you)
  4. Extract the contents of the OVA file using TAR. (tar xvf FSCM-920-UPD-XXX.OVA)

Up to this point, nothing has changed from the original guide. Here is where the new steps come in.

You must update the following lines of the OVF file:

  1. Find each of the <Disk ovf:capacity=”#######” …> lines.
    • Open up a calculator and change each of the #######’s to ( (#######*2) – 64512).
  2. Update the OperatingSystemSection:
    • Update the ovf:id,  <OperatingSystemSection ovf:id=”101“>
    • Update the Description,  <Description>oracleLinux64Guest</Description>
    • Update the vbox:OSType,   <vbox:OSType ovf:required=”false”>oracleLinux64Guest</vbox:OSType>
  3. Update the VirtualHardwareSection:
    • <vssd:VirtualSystemType>vmx-08</vssd:VirtualSystemType>

From this point on you can continue with the original guide as normal, but skipping the vmkfstools steps. Which leaves:

  1. If you don’t already have it, download install the lastest OvfTool:
    • ./VMware-ovftool-4.0.0-2301625-lin.x86_64.bundle
  2. Import the OVF into your VMware environment:
    • ovftool –lax -ds=<datastorename> “–net:HostOnly=<Network Name>” <APP>DB-SES-854-05.ovf “vi://<vmware_user>:<vmware_password>@<IP_ADDRESS>:433″

That’s it. You have imported the new PeopleSoft Update Image into VMware!


4 Responses to “Import PeopleSoft OVA into ESXi (9.2/8.54 update)”

  1. mike on April 10th, 2015 4:18 pm

    I’m not having any luck with this new process with the 9.2.011 image. Did they change their format again?

  2. mike on June 22nd, 2015 4:11 pm

    Well that’s unfortunate, as I will be doing this again shortly and was hoping to grab the even newer 9.2.012 image myself.

    I will post an updated guide once I’ve had a chance to take a look (assuming it’s still possible).

  3. Nicolas Gasparotto on June 24th, 2015 9:25 am

    Hi Mike,

    Never tried image #11, but it worked fine for me with HCM92012.
    See my comment (April, 13), here :


  4. mike on June 24th, 2015 10:35 am

    Well that’s great to hear. That gives me a lot more confidence before I poke at the bear that is FMS 9.1 9.2.012.

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