After this weekends network card passthrough fail with the EXPI9404PT on VMware 6.0 I was feeling pretty discouraged, so I took a break for a day. I decided to try again today since I have a couple other models of network cards in my currently running lab: 1x Intel 82576 ET Quad Port Gigabit Network 1x [...]

I recently picked up an X10SDV-F to use in my home lab. The goal was to replace some aging components, including an older virtual server and my loud and power hungry firewall. The X10SDV features an 8-core/16-thread 45W CPU, and can support up to 128GB of ram, has two 1GB NICS, two 10GB NICS and [...]

In late 2009, I built my current desktop, a first generation Intel i7 processor running on a Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 motherboard. This build combined with my previous NVIDIA GTX 275 continues to serve me well to this day. Since I’m not using the desktop as much as I used to, I figured I could toy around [...]

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