Nerd weekend. While other games were played, it seemed that the majority of people played a new (free) game called War Thunder. This ended up being the only real game I played, though others did play alternative games here or there. To be honest, for an free online game I was pretty impressed with it. [...]

The OpenIndiana project is an enterprise operating system based on the illumos kernel, which is a fork of the OpenSolaris project. OpenIndiana is open source, free, and community driven, and my personal operating system of choice for using ZFS (with Napp-It, of course). In the past I have always burned a CD and performed a [...]

Recently I looked at picking up a second Popcorn Hour for at home, as my previous unit has died. I was debating between the PCH A-300 and Popbox V8, however the high cost of the A-300 (~$240) got me thinking about XBMC again. For a comparable price, I could instead get a bare-bones dual-core Atom [...]

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