I usually try not to leave the house on “Black Friday”. Not because I have an opinion one way or another about people having to work the holiday, but mostly because I hate the crowds and I don’t have anything in particular that I want from the sales. This year was a little different though. [...]

This weekend I had a bit more time to poke around with the HDHR Prime. Since this is a network streaming device, it works great for watching TV, but in order to use it as a DVR it takes a little bit of extra work. I initially looked at using an old MediaPortal installation, since [...]

Six years ago I built a Media Center that used a Hauppauge WinTVHVR1600 TV Tuner. This was great at the time, when HD was not really a concern. However, I have since come to find HD-content as a standard rather than an upgrade, and my old analog tuner hasn’t been in use for years for [...]

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