Tonight was another Sioux Falls .NET User Group (SF DNUG) meeting. Due to some unfortunate events, I ended up missing the last meeting, and I almost forgot about tonight’s meeting. With some last minute rescheduling, I was able to attend — and I’m glad I did. The presentation was called “OData, WCF Data Services and [...]

A few years ago, Seth and I worked on establishing a Sioux Falls .NET User Group (DNUG) meetings to coincide with some of the Mitchell DNUG meetings. The meetings were quite successful when we had them, but they were pretty inconvenient for some of the Mitchell attendees. Over the last few months, apparently Seth had [...]

While browsing the Internet last night (avoiding doing my homework), I came across some useful information for Active Directory Authentication in Apache. While  I don’t have an immediate need or use for this, the idea is neat, so I thought I would save some code snippets for future use: To allow users: AuthType Basic AuthName [...]

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