In a quick effort, threw together a quick Nike iPod Plus Widget for the dootdoot blogs. It’s nothing special, it basically pulls down the flash object created by The Widget is kind of neat if you have created a character for yourself. I originally created for Sonja as she requested to be able to [...]

Ok, so I lied. I ended up creating the XBOX Live! Gamer Card Widget much faster than I expected. To be honest, I had a slow day at work, so it was something quick and fun to work on. Even though it’s a little tiny project (basic php & html), it’s fun to be doing [...]

After installing a blogging system and successfully configuring a site for multiple users, I really wanted to be able to have a main page that was a central hub for all of the dootdoot content. I decided to setup a blog just for dootdoot, which will basically be the homepage, and main CMS for the [...]

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