Six years ago I built a Media Center that used a Hauppauge WinTVHVR1600 TV Tuner. This was great at the time, when HD was not really a concern. However, I have since come to find HD-content as a standard rather than an upgrade, and my old analog tuner hasn’t been in use for years for [...]

A new toy came over the weekend, a Harmony 890 IR/RF Universal Remote. I wasn’t totally sure how well the RF would work, and I was leery of the $325 price tag at Amazon, so I actually picked this up for around $100 on Ebay with the RF Base Station included, so a ton of [...]

It is hard to believe it has been over a year since I ordered my Polk Monitor70′s (L/R) and CS2 (C). They were originally intended for the new home entertainment area in the basement, but ended up being my living room speakers for the better part of 2011. Now that the basement is finally done, [...]

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