My FireTV started popping up with a low disk space warning and wouldn’t allow me to make it though playing a full video. This was particularly annoying because I added a 32GB USB stick and moved my apps to it, so all files should be writing to the USB. I checked, and 5GB or so [...]

This weekend I had a bit more time to poke around with the HDHR Prime. Since this is a network streaming device, it works great for watching TV, but in order to use it as a DVR it takes a little bit of extra work. I initially looked at using an old MediaPortal installation, since [...]

As I am attempting to use cheaper low-powered Android devices (FireTV) for XBMC, an important feature for me with XBMC is the ability to have a shared database. I do not want the individual boxes to have to update and clean the library, as this can typically be a CPU intensive task and managing multiple [...]

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