The Amazon Fire TV is a great device. If you have no technical skills what so ever, it’s literally plug and play. I turned it on, it came pre-synched to my Amazon ID. I just had to type in a password, and I was at the main menu, ready to go. However, I want more [...]

What’s this? Another new toy? Why yes it is. I have been itching for a new media center for a long time. I love my Popcorn Hour — it plays everything I can throw at it — but it’s interface is slow. Like, really slow.The trouble is, I really love the layout of Eversion+YAMJ on [...]

A new toy came over the weekend, a Harmony 890 IR/RF Universal Remote. I wasn’t totally sure how well the RF would work, and I was leery of the $325 price tag at Amazon, so I actually picked this up for around $100 on Ebay with the RF Base Station included, so a ton of [...]

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