After tinkering with XBMC v12, I have been trying to find an affordable option to switch entirely in my house. The problem is that I require 3-4 devices total. Main TV Upstairs Projector Downstairs Master Bedroom TV Potential future Office TV While I might be able to justify splurging on a single build, there is [...]

With the release of XBMC v12 “Frodo” at the end of January combined with my Popcorn Hour C-200′s PSU biting the dust, I have a renewed interest in reverting back to XBMC. Since either way I have to invest in a new solution, now would be the time to make the leap back. A few [...]

It has been over two and a half years since I ordered my first Popcorn Hour, the A-110, and a small amount under that for the Popcorn Hour C-200, which I stalled on ordering. I had a mixed experience with the A-110. It was a first generation device and was fairly clunky. The C-200, however, [...]

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