This weekend I had a bit more time to poke around with the HDHR Prime. Since this is a network streaming device, it works great for watching TV, but in order to use it as a DVR it takes a little bit of extra work. I initially looked at using an old MediaPortal installation, since [...]

I recently picked up a new all-in-one storage server for home. It includes a Supermicro 846TQ chassis, motherboard, processor, ram and three SATA controllers to handle all 24 hot-swap drive bays. The server came at a price that was too good to pass up, but it had a couple draw backs too. It’s a large [...]

I have been battling for months, if not years, on what to do for a new storage server. Today I bit the bullet and started a new system upgrade. I started with a 24-bay SuperMicro enclosure: SuperMicro CSE-846TQ 24-bay Chassis $949.00 / used: $499.99 I’ve wanted to make the leap to a larger unit for [...]

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