At work I have put together a couple ZFS builds using external storage enclosures. Recently, we had a smaller need where we wanted to make an easy to manage all-in-one box, while still maintaining high enough I/O for virtualization. We cut our build down from our standard 44-drive 6U setup to a 20-drive 2U setup [...]

After seeing a basic example of creating a custom OID for the zpool capacity, I really wanted to extend some additional statistics that are available using the zpool iostat command. In it’s simplest form, you can use the following command to see two sets of statistics on a zpool: The command is very basic, run [...]

As a follow-up to yesterdays success in getting Napp-It to recognize S.M.A.R.T. information for SAS drives, I was very happy just having the smart information display. Unfortunately, I didn’t immediately noticed that entire sets of like drive types were reporting the same temperature, which all looked really high, in the 65 C – 70 C [...]

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