At work I have put together a couple ZFS builds using external storage enclosures. Recently, we had a smaller need where we wanted to make an easy to manage all-in-one box, while still maintaining high enough I/O for virtualization. We cut our build down from our standard 44-drive 6U setup to a 20-drive 2U setup [...]

The OpenIndiana project is an enterprise operating system based on the illumos kernel, which is a fork of the OpenSolaris project. OpenIndiana is open source, free, and community driven, and my personal operating system of choice for using ZFS (with Napp-It, of course). In the past I have always burned a CD and performed a [...]

I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to post more information on gathering I/O stats with zpool iostat and presenting them via SNMP. However, I have a couple test graphs up and running to see how the current stat gathering is working, and I figured I would show some charts.

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