Not that we have been using ZFS (using OI + Napp-It) on a regular basis, we need to be able to produce at least some usage history. Having used Cacti in the past, it seemed like a quick and easy option. NET-SNMP was installed by default on Open Indiana, a quick edit of the snmpd.conf [...]

After the mini-blunder with OpenIndiana picking up the Intel Quad-Port card out of order the other day, I figured everything should smooth sailing form here on out, as I’ve already setup link aggregation once before. The Plan: Remove the current aggr0 on bnx0/bnx1 and create a new aggr0 on igb0/igb1, potentially adding in igb2/igb3 later, [...]

Yesterday, after installing a new network card and testing drivers, I went to go test a connection on the server. Traditionally, I would assume with a Quad-Port Ethernet card that the ports would start at the top as eth0, eth1, eth2, eth3. Or, worst case, from the same order but from the bottom up. However, [...]

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