In May of last year I had posted a method to import PeopleSoft OVAs into ESXi. This method was an extension of Nicolas Gasparotto‘s guide that worked for releases 9.2.001 through 9.2.005. The method I posted worked great for 9.2.006 through 9.2.008. However, with the release of 9.2.009 the PeopleSoft image was updated to PeopleTools 8.54, and [...]

I received an urgent note that a demo system a fellow consultant had created was having an issue running SQR’s in a recently created PeopleSoft environment running on Windows 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Error! SQR Failed To Process *** System Error Code 2 ****** PS_StartProc: CreateProcess failed: cmd = e:\psoft\pt853\bin\sqr\MSS\binw\sqrw ******************* Error *********************** At [...]

Are you a fellow PeopleSoft professional that has been trying to import the delivered PeopleSoft 9.2 images into VMware? Have you previously been using Nicolas Gasparotto‘s guide for HCM and FSCM releases 9.2.001 through 9.2.005 and have found that this process no longer works starting with 9.2.006? Maybe you’ve tried searching and these are the best resources [...]

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