Are you a fellow PeopleSoft professional that has been trying to import the delivered PeopleSoft 9.2 images into VMware? Have you previously been using NicolasĀ Gasparotto‘sĀ guide for HCM and FSCM releases 9.2.001 through 9.2.005 and have found that this process no longer works starting with 9.2.006? Maybe you’ve tried searching and these are the best resources [...]

As I am attempting to use cheaper low-powered Android devices (FireTV) for XBMC, an important feature for me with XBMC is the ability to have a shared database. I do not want the individual boxes to have to update and clean the library, as this can typically be a CPU intensive task and managing multiple [...]

Recently, I had a Virtual Machine that was attempting to vMotion from HOST_A to HOST_B on a NFS data store due to the DRS scheduling. However, once ever couple of hours vCenter would attempt to start the vMotion, but we were greeted with a nasty error message: “A general system error occurred: Source detected that [...]

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