I am really enjoying the FireTV as a media center. It does so well that I’m hoping to have it be my “only” device (minus audio), replacing the Motorola DVR as well. Over summer I picked up the HDHR Prime and setup NextPVR. I setup my recurring recordings and everything worked great. Over the last [...]

As I am attempting to use cheaper low-powered Android devices (FireTV) for XBMC, an important feature for me with XBMC is the ability to have a shared database. I do not want the individual boxes to have to update and clean the library, as this can typically be a CPU intensive task and managing multiple [...]

The Amazon Fire TV is a great device. If you have no technical skills what so ever, it’s literally plug and play. I turned it on, it came pre-synched to my Amazon ID. I just had to type in a password, and I was at the main menu, ready to go. However, I want more [...]

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