The Sys-admin alphabet

I was skimming through evilrouters today and ran across this. Some of you will find it humorous, if your major didn’t include the word computer you may as well stop reading now though.

"A" is for Arrogance, properly done.
"B" is for Bastard, the New Zealand one.
"C" is for Cynic, jaded and tired;
    it's also for Caffeine, which keeps us all wired.
"D" for Delete, we'll do it to you;
"E" for 31337, the skr1pt-k1ddie's due.
"F" is for Format(1M), we use it on disks,
"G" is the middle name of the guy who does RISKS.
"H" for the Hubris that makes lusers luse;
"I"'m the Important one, the person who su(8)'s.
"J" is for Jaded, see "C" above;
"K" is for Kill(1), a command we all love.
"L" is for Luser, the sysadmin's bane,
"M" with a "4" keeps the mail gurus sane.
"N" is for No, whatever the question,
"O" is for Octal, the way of permissions.
"P" is for Password, have you changed yours lately?
"Q" is for Quotas, which simplify greatly.
"R" is for Random, a most useful quality,
"S" I can't tell you, it's against policy.
"T" is for TECO, a very old editor,
"U" is for Unix, which has no competitor.
"V" is the System whose Release 4 we wrestle with,
"W" is for W(1), to see who(1) we nestle with.
"X" is the windowing system from Hell,
"Y" do we use it?  The rest suck as well!
"Z" is for Zero, indicating success
    It terminates programs -- and alphabets, yes.

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  1.   m!les Says:

    And it rhymed. How fun.

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