I’ve had an iPod nano nearly since they came out.  Its been quite the reliable little device over the years.  Unfortunately it is becoming less so :(

When listening to music or podcasts my ipod has develop a bit of a sniffle I guess, it randomly after an hour or so of playing will start to skip.  This is annoying but I’ll live with it for awhile.  Maybe thismeans an iPod touch or some such in the future :)

5 Responses to “ip-ah-ah-ah-ahd”

  1.   Sonja Says:

    I’d consider what all of your uses will be for the iPod. The touch is a bit larger than the nano (not really thicker, just wider) and might be awkward for running. However, if you keep the old nano after purchasing the touch, you could just use that for running.

  2.   Sharla Says:

    If you get one, I get one! And we can’t afford two with the wedding coming up, so I guess it’s skippy skippy for you!! muahhahaha

  3.   mike Says:

    Lies! There’s always room in the budget for toys!

  4.   Andy Says:


  5.   seth Says:

    This is a prime example of why I refer to sharla as the household auditing department.

    Its like communism, the best way to get what you want is to bribe someone.

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