Random bug is random

Ran into the following bug today:

Warning:  popen(/usr/bin/rrdtool info
[function.popen]: Cannot allocate memory in
/www/cacti/htdocs/lib/rrd.php on line 97

Too much googling lead to : http://bugs.cacti.net/view.php?id=1359

So the bottom line is that even in the open source world odds are you’ll be hearing “Fixed in the next version”

2 Responses to “Random bug is random”

  1.   opello Says:

    Looks like you would be able to patch that in quite easily though.

    Isn’t every bug fixed in a ‘next’ version, maintenance release or otherwise? :)

  2.   seth Says:

    Patching looks pretty easy and actually the upgrade path on Cacti looks like a breeze :)

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