Huzzah!!! VS 2k5 now supported on 2k8

I’ve been gradually beating Virtual Server 2005 R2 into submission so that it works on my Windows Server 2008 machine. This involved adding application maps and all sorts of other things and still 3 times out of 4 it would probably act a little whacky on machine reboot after it was working. Until I found this tonight:

Virtual Server 2005 R2 update to add support for Server 2008 as a host.

However, the real lesson from this story is this: If you’re running server 2008 and your motherboard doesn’t support Hyper-V. Replace your motherboard, even if it does cost you 100 bucks and you do have to explain to the significant other that it was money well spent, its still worth it.

P.S. Why the hell didn’t that page show up on google searches for virtual server 2005 on windows server 2008. It was published 5/15/2008, and I hadn’t ran across it until tonight.

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