A quick message (from captivity)

Day 1 in captivity.

I’m alive and well. Trying to get out a quick message to those who may be worried while I have the opportunity.

It is different in captivity, in contrast to what one may expect, it is much more calm and friendly compared to the few days prior to capture. Things are oddly cordial and affectionate, this may be a clever ruse…

4 Responses to “A quick message (from captivity)”

  1.   midget Says:

    It’s a trick. Get an axe.

  2.   Andrea Says:

    Best blog entry ever – I read it aloud. The relatives of your captor approve.

  3.   seth Says:

    Wish I could have gone in to add more of these over the honeymoon, I may have to just make them random story continuances XKCD style.

  4.   Sonja Says:

    That would be fun for us. :)

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