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So in the last post I mentioned that I just had done a quick export from Picasa.  I feel I should explain that I did actually intend to use Adobe’s Lightroom software for photo touchups and such, but I soon discovered that my laptop is far from capable of running the software.  This puts me in a predicament as I did not really plan on upgrading this year.  The only upgradable part of the laptop would be RAM for $50.

If not upgrading RAM the options are:
A) Buy Motherboard/RAM for PC-A.  Build/Buy Desk
B) Buy Motherboard/Processor/RAM/VideoCard to create PC-B.  Build/Buy Desk

PC-A used to be a media pc in our living room but when my old desktop decided it no longer felt like working, it became my desktop.  Then when I no longer had a home office, it became a file/music/video server in ze basement.

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  1.   Mike Says:

    Having my WHS in place, I would not recommend option A, as losing your file server would suck. It’s just such a handy thing to have around.

    If it were me, I guess I would give the $50 memory upgrade a shot, and if it works, great. If not, there’s always option B, and then you have even more memory. :)

  2.   andy Says:

    Go for option B! Deal with the debt later, enjoy PC now! Yeah!

  3.   seth Says:

    The reason I dislike option B is I’d much rather save towardsa lens than towards a PC.

    RAM may make a decent difference. 2 gigs is honestly not enough to run vista well with any serious app.

  4.   mike Says:

    2GB was solid for XP, however for Vista I really consider 4GB the minimum.

  5.   andy Says:

    I run vista with 2 at work. Seems ok, but not stellar. my 8 gig is stellar

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