Evil faxer of summer’s past

“Hey I’ll get it” Mike said as he answered the phone at our new CRESH office in sioux falls back in the summer of 2005. And as he answered the phone his face contorted into the shape one might form upon receiving a wet willy.

The cause of this facial contortion was some idiot constantly sending faxes to our main office line.  I’m not saying someone who accidentally sends a fax to the wrong number is an idiot.  I am however going to say that if you send faxes at random times of the day, to the same number, and never realize that whoever you are faxing is not getting your faxes, you probably should look at the importance of your faxing.
This became irritating over time.  In our excitement to see Batman Begins, we’d begun watching lots of old Christian Bale movies.  This lead to watching American Psycho a few times.  Which lead to an obsession of business card quality, and feeding cats to machines.  Naturally the following image is what we decided to reply with every time someone attempted to fax our voice line.


2 Responses to “Evil faxer of summer’s past”

  1.   m!les Says:

    Ah, the good old days. I still ensure that all my printer test pages include “feed me a stray cat”.

  2.   seth Says:

    Its such an odd movie, I’m uncertain why I like it.

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