Current Newegg Parts List

Mike had pestered me a few times about what I’d pick up if I were going to be building an all inclusive desktop for work.  I’d probably be salvage some current parts, but I definitely am 5′ish years old on some others.

Some of this would be salvaged, some new.  Mostly encouragement for mike to get something more current.

6 Responses to “Current Newegg Parts List”

  1.   andy Says:

    Looks pretty familiar…

  2.   seth Says:

    Its very similar to yours. Different case and psu I believe.

  3.   opello Says:

    All important — OS?

  4.   seth Says:

    Win 7 RC until Windows 7 goes gold

  5.   Mike Says:

    I’ve seen quite a few systems on eBay sold with “Windows 7 Ultimate” — “good until 6/2010!” or something along those lines.

    Cheap way to get a free operating system…. for awhile. ;)

  6.   andy Says:

    August 6th… I get it then :-)

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