Love the smell of garbage in the morning.

So for those who didn’t hear about this on the news back when swine flu was first thought to be this Destroyer of Worlds™, Egypt decided to kill all their pigs.

I’m not sure why they did it, most of the world realized that much like shaving won’t get rid of crabs, killing all the pigs won’t get rid of H1N1.  Anywho in the end Egypt went on a bacon creating spree in the name of science.

Nowhere along this process did someone stand up and say “hey but we keep pigs randomly all over and they actually are a major part of our organic waste disposal”.  As a result egypt is swimming in its own waste.  Maybe now they’ll import some pigs and help the price out a bit for the farmers in the process.  Sadly there is no chance of that happening.  The Egyptian government claims that getting rid of the pigs was “change we need”.  Everything is much better without them.  Look at how clean those streets are without the pigs.


2 Responses to “Love the smell of garbage in the morning.”

  1.   opello Says:

    LOL “change we need.”

  2.   m!les Says:

    They built the pyramids, but they can’t clean up their garbage without trash? Disappointing.

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