Scuba snacks

So… headed to Hawaii over Christmas vacation and it has me thinking I’d like to finally do something I’ve “considered” doing for a decade now.  Start the diving certification track.

The two major options in the U.S. are PADI and SSI.  I’ve been talking to some people I know who have done one or the other and comparing their requirements/offerings.  Many will say SSI is better because it requires you to be affiliated with a dive supply shop that is affiliated with SSI which seems somewhat fallacious to me.  Many other places say the PADI/SSI are really about the same “requirements” wise and that really who cares because what really matters is how good of an instructor you get.  Those outside the U.S. are often of the opinion that it doesn’t matter at all, some of the more localized options in Europe are the only real “step above” due to their knowledge requirements.



PADI E-Learning for Open Water Diver

Any input from people I haven’t talked to here, or anyone interested in also pursuing this?

I’m currently thinking the online PADI online knowledge course followed by  pool diving time.  Not sure

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  1.   Sonja Says:

    Annie was certified in PADI Open Water diving for her trip to Greece. She really enjoyed her program, but she had a good instructor. I don’t think there is a lot of variance between PADI and SSI as far as knowledge and skill requirement is concerned; each follow the standards set by RSTC. Honestly, I’d take the approach of ‘get certified in the course a scuba shop near you offers.’ That way you can do discounted group trips after your Hawaiian vacation.

  2.   seth Says:

    Most of those trips aren’t a whole lot more discounted than what you can do when arranging your own travel. PADI and SSI have quite different approaches to things but all of the basics have to be the same. It isn’t like you can change physics. The basics are the same across PADI/SSI/BSAC/NAUI all are about the same, although it is fairly regularly reported that the instructors from BSAC are typically more knowledgeable. I’m assuming a lot of that to be cultural differences as much as anything. SSI is said by many to be more stringent on certs, PADI more focused on how important buddy diving is, and BSAC(my favorite) approach is simply when the instructor thinks you’re ready. Interesting seeing differences though.

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