Making a Windows 7 Backup

So…. I’ve been using Windows 7 for awhile now and had been using the backup feature for my C:\ drive in case Windows decided to poop itself.  This was worked fine and well until I had a second disk drive that I wanted to make sure I had backed up.  Something in adding that second disk made the entire thing take 5x the amount of time when barely 2x more space was being backed up.

The solution I found was using the command line to do the backup(which you can also set to do on a schedule if you’d like).

To do a single backup the command (from a command prompt ran as Administrator):

wbadmin START Backup -backuptTarget:<destination> -include:<source>

In my specific case this results in:

wbadmin START Backup -backupTarget:i: -include:C:,F:

If you wanted to do this as a scheduled task the command (again as Administrator) would be:

SCHTASKS /Create WEEKLY /D FRI /TN WeeklyBackupTask /RL HIGHEST /ST 19:00 /TR "WBADMIN START Backup -backupTarget:I: -include:C:,F: -quiet"

A scheduled task that runs at 7 on a Friday.  Odds are by 7 I’m home and hopefully on a Friday I’m doing something on not my computer.  If you’re doing this for a work only PC I’d set it up for 5:00 on Friday or your home pc I’d just be using windows home server(if you don’t have one of those talk to your most liked nerd friend.  If that friend is me please choose to bother Mike instead though)

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