Twin Cities Zombie Camp

In the twin citie for “Twin Cities Code Camp 9″ (which is quite good by the way, highly recommend it for developers out there) and @ZombieFoodDan must be a little nervous as we’re out to eat.

Zombie pub crawl 2010 is going on, and never before have I been offered blood so many times during supper.  It looks like a fun event, I’d totally be down for hitting this up as a group some year.  Looks like great fun assuming the weather is this nice future years.

Learned a fair amount from sessions at the event so far, and even more from random talk with speakers in the hallways.   We really need to get something like this going in Sioux Falls for the local geeks.

5 Responses to “Twin Cities Zombie Camp”

  1.   mike Says:

    Nice. Hope you did some good networking to bring us some speakers! :)

    The Zombie Pub Crawl looks neat. That could be fun just on it’s own.

  2.   Carl Says:

    There is a Sioux Falls Zombie walk on the 30th downtown

  3.   mike Says:

    Oh yeah? Have a link with any infos?

  4.   Sonja Says:

    O.M.G. Seth made a post… with actual content. :)

  5.   mike Says:

    I know, crazy, eh? It even has thoughts and everything… not just a picture! :)

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