Stephen Fry is Awesome


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Twin Cities Zombie Camp


In the twin citie for “Twin Cities Code Camp 9″ (which is quite good by the way, highly recommend it for developers out there) and @ZombieFoodDan must be a little nervous as we’re out to eat.

Zombie pub crawl 2010 is going on, and never before have I been offered blood so many times during supper.  It looks like a fun event, I’d totally be down for hitting this up as a group some year.  Looks like great fun assuming the weather is this nice future years.

Learned a fair amount from sessions at the event so far, and even more from random talk with speakers in the hallways.   We really need to get something like this going in Sioux Falls for the local geeks.

Nice shades



Google background was a test


Apparently google making me hate google today was a test to see how much users liked or disliked having background images.

No surprise that everyone hated it(at least hated it being the default).

The day the google died


Alright so this morning when I went to google I sat and stared at it for two minutes confused about what was going on.


It was like my best friend showed up at the door as an alien, or like the new mortal kombat trailer added 5 minutes of everyone peacefully resolving their differences.

So the last 5 minutes of my time has been spent fixing google.  I invite you to use my creation to fix your own google.

Download this file

Open a new browser and go to google

Click the “Change Background Image” text

Click “Choose File” and choose the file you downloaded above.

Now pretend none of this ever happened.


There is a good chance this doesn’t work without being logged in to a google service, but I’m never logged out of gmail.

Out of a rut


So… I have a few posts to backdate here and cover the holidays.  A lot has changed as I no longer schill icecream for a living.  I’m now a software developer working out of Sioux Falls.

Anyway a lot has happened but I’m not taking the time to talk about that at the moment, instead I leave this awesome version of Beyonce’s Ring On It

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Self Assembling Motorcycle


If only kits were this easy.

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Scuba snacks


So… headed to Hawaii over Christmas vacation and it has me thinking I’d like to finally do something I’ve “considered” doing for a decade now.  Start the diving certification track.

The two major options in the U.S. are PADI and SSI.  I’ve been talking to some people I know who have done one or the other and comparing their requirements/offerings.  Many will say SSI is better because it requires you to be affiliated with a dive supply shop that is affiliated with SSI which seems somewhat fallacious to me.  Many other places say the PADI/SSI are really about the same “requirements” wise and that really who cares because what really matters is how good of an instructor you get.  Those outside the U.S. are often of the opinion that it doesn’t matter at all, some of the more localized options in Europe are the only real “step above” due to their knowledge requirements.



PADI E-Learning for Open Water Diver

Any input from people I haven’t talked to here, or anyone interested in also pursuing this?

I’m currently thinking the online PADI online knowledge course followed by  pool diving time.  Not sure

He’s a pretty solid beat box


And by pretty solid I mean fracking awesome…

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Five minutes ago I completed and submitted the last of my coursework for my masters degree.  Today would mark the classroom end of the journey towards my masters degree.

I believe I’m going to try and walk in the fall graduation ceremony, that is of course assuming I get all of the remaining program papers turned in and take the comprehensive exam covering all courses taken so far, and all pre-requisite courses that I skipped.

Its over and this moment is so good I’d buy it a drink and maybe go home with it.